Flowering Crocus

With the arrival of spring, the crocuses are beginning to bloom in the Tatra Mountains. The whole meadows become purple for a few days and look as though it is covered with pink carpet, which stands in stark contrast to the snow-capped peaks in the background, forming a beautiful picture of the Tatra Mountains. 🌷🌷❄️❄️

Crocuses generally bloom in late March or early April, depending on the weather and climatic conditions. The safest time to visit is April when the entire valley is covered with a dreamlike veil of blooms and petals. One of the best places to admire the blooming crocuses is Chocholowska Valley, which is the longest and the largest valley in the Tatra Mountains as well as the only place in polish Tatra where you can walk your dog and one of two available bike tracks. Moreover, the trail there is very easy, you can go there even with small children. 

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Photo: Paweł Opioła/wikipedia.org