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🎃🕸🍭Halloween is coming up soon, It’s this time of year where people get to dress up in spooky costumes, eat a bunch of candy, and share some chilling stories with friends. Sometimes, the most terrifying Halloween stories are the true ones, just like some of Poland’s spooky spots that I want to share with you, they all still exist in real life and retain an eerie atmosphere.👻

Ogrodzieniec Castle

Ogrodzieniec Castle is one of the biggest fortresses in Europe, was originally built in the 14th–15th century, and is home to an atypical ghost: a big, black dog, which is said to be the disembodied spirit of Stanisław Warszycki, the early 17th-century owner and administrator of the castle, who did not want to share his wealth with anyone even after his death. Besides the legend, the castle is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved ruins, located on the peak of the Upland – the Castle Hill, rising at 515,5 m above sea level. One can see climbing the “Eagle Nest Path”  that runs through the dramatic landscape and will marvel at its wonders. 

Niedzica Castle

It is a medieval castle that was originally built in 1325 by the Brezevichy family. It’s said that one of the first owners of the castle,  Sebastian Brezevichy, whose wife was an Inca royal and they brought the Inca treasure of the family to the castle. The legend says that the ghost of Umina, called “white lady”, appears every night to scare away the people who want to steal their treasure that were hidden on the castle grounds. You can even find a sign along the road leading up to the castle, it’s said “Haunted Attention”. Thanks to its picturesque location and the legend behind it, Niedzica Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Poland and appears on many national publications and books, including one of Netflix TV shows The Witcher that was shot here.

Chęciny Castle

The castle was built around the 13th century and has had several different owners, such as the Casimir III the Great’s second wife Adelaide of Hesse, Elisabeth of Poland, and Queen of Hungary. The Queen of Poland Bona Sforza is one of the most famous occupants, it’s said that after she died, her ghost often wanders in the Chęciny Castle searching for the treasures that were supposed to be taken to Italy, but it’s believed the treasures had been hidden somewhere in the castle.

photo: Marek Skorupski/Forum