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Sandomierz is a lovely historical town located in eastern Poland, with a charming Old Town and a 14th-century brick and stone castle. Though there are not many tourists in the town, it used to be – with Krakow and Wroclaw – one of the main 3 towns in Poland during the Middle Ages and still retains some of its former glory. This picturesque town is a nice place to while away the day exploring its quaint historic lanes and enjoying the views of the Vistula river.

👇 What to see in Sandomierz?

📍Sandomierz used to be called the little Rome because it located on seven hills just like the Italian capital. You may start your visit at the Opatowska Gate, which is the town’s only surviving entry gate, built over 650 years ago. Climbing the 130 steps to the heart of the Sandomierz’s Old Town is the best way to explore the city, you can find many traces from the past along the way. One of the highlights in the Old Town is an impressive Gothic town hall standing in the center of the old market and surrounded by lots of pastel-colored Baroque townhouses.

📍Besides the exquisite architecture and buildings aboveground, there is another exciting option to travel underground. Over 500m beneath the Old Town, the Underground Tourist Route in Sandomierz is 470 meters long and connects to 34 gothic cellars. On the 40-minute guided tour, you will learn a lot about Sandomierz’s history and a legend of how brave Halina Krępianka rescued the city from the Tartars.

📍High on a hill overlooking the Vistula river is the Sandomierz Royal Castle, it was built by Casimir III the Great on the site of a previous wooden stronghold and was gradually extended in the 16th century. It is one of the oldest buildings in the Old Town as well as a mysterious place. According to an old legend, there were three underground passages constructed for the castle crew in case of need, but no one has ever found it. Now the castle is home to the Regional Museum and is the best place to appreciate the amazing views of the Vistula river.

This beautiful town feathers enough points of interest for those looking for a perfect weekend and is only two hours away from Krakow.