Visit Poland DMC

🤴🤴🤴 Today is the holiday of the Epiphany, the Three Kings day in Poland, which takes place every year on January 6th, with huge parades held in many cities welcoming the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus at his birth. The street parades are usually lead by the Kings of Africa, Asia and Europe (named Melchior, Kaspar and Balthazar) whose procession is filled with children, knights and various other characters who are dressed in beautiful costumes and indulged in the joyful festive atmosphere. And this year we can watch the parade online to get a taste of the festival today. 👉

Another tradition of Epiphany in Poland is that people write ‘K+M+B‘ and the year with white chalk on the outside of their door. It’s said this tradition dates back to the 18 century and can protect the family from sickness and misfortune for the year. There is no shortage of things to see in Poland, even in winter!