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?The Łódź Special Economic Zone has been ranked 3rd out of 61 entries from around the world, as the best economic zones in the world and 1st in Europe, in a ranking prepared by the Financial Times publication fDi Magazine. Congratulations! ?

Speaking of Łódź, what it has achieved today is inseparable from its history and culture. Łódź is the third-largest city in Poland and a diverse and multicultural city in which Polish, Jewish, German and Russian nations lived and worked together here. In an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance, they left their mark on the early development of Łódź and became part of this beautiful city they were building together. For years, Łódź had been a melting pot of four cultures and nationalities, where synagogues, tserkvas, as well as Catholic and Protestant shrines got along well with each other in peace.

Łódź is also famous as the former textile industrial center that grew fabulously wealthy in the 19th century. The wealth differences between rich and poor are still noticeable in the architecture of the city,  where luxurious mansions contrast with redbrick factories and old tenement houses. By combing history with modernity, Manufaktura becomes a favorite spot for both locals and visitors, which is the biggest shopping center in Central Europe and was built in an old factory that belonged to Izrael Poznanski, one of the richest businessman in Lodz. Besides, take a stroll along Piotrkowska Street, Europe’s longest pedestrian street, you will find the best cafes, bars and clubs in town.

Today, known for its Film School, Łódź is also a significant cultural center and is aptly described as the country’s top cultural hotspot in Poland, from festivals to concerts, from theatre shows to dance performances, from exhibitions to movie premiere. With the distinct characters of buildings and the abundant art activities, Łódź is well worth a visit.

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