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Ladek Zdroj is a picturesque health resort situated in Lower Silesia and is considered the oldest spa town in Poland as well as one of the oldest in Europe. According to historical sources, there were bathing facilities here as early as 1241 which were destroyed by Mongols returning after the Battle of Legnica.

In the late 15th century, the first medical institution “Jerzy” with a swimming pool was built here and was very well known, which was named after the owner of these lands, Prince Jerzy of Podebrady. For centuries, the mountain climate and numerous natural springs with healing waters have attracted many visitors and remarkable figures which included the Prussian King Frederick the Great, Queen Louise, the wife of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Tsar Alexander I and also John Quincy Adams.

Most of the spa buildings here were built in the 18th and 19th centuries ranging from Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque with rich decor. The neo-baroque Wojciech Natural Medicine Centre is among the most famous and impressive building here that can be found in nearly every postcard from Ladek Zdroj. The building was built in the 19h century and modelled on the Turkish baths. It features bathrooms with antique bathtubs, a pump room and an oval swimming pool covered with an ornate 39m high dome. Today its beautiful indoor pool is open to the public, it’s really worth a dip!

Spend time in a picturesque Polish spa town with rich historical architectures, and enjoy the mineralized thermal spa and unwind in the idyllic surrounding of mountains. Life is fantastic, isn’t it? 😉

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