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With a tradition spanning over 1000 years, Gdansk as Poland’s maritime capital and one of the largest ports on the Baltic sea is a unique metropolis that has always been characterized by a spirit of freedom and courage.

Central Gdansk is one of the most pleasantly walkable cities in central Europe. You couldn’t ask for a more strikingly beautiful and colorful main street than Duga and Dugi Targ, the thoroughfare of the Main Town (Gówne Miasto).

As you walk its length, from the Golden Gate at the western end to the magnificent Green Gate at the eastern end, the bas-reliefs and colorful frescos on the burgher houses and gabled town houses will keep your eyes darting about.

Walk around the old town in Gdansk, you can also find an iconic landmark the Neptune Fountain, the largest port crane in Europe and one of the three largest brick couches in the world.

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