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??Kayaking in Masuria was listed as one of the ten magical holidays in Europe by British The Telegraph! ?

?‍♂️?‍♀️Known as “The land of a thousand lakes”, Masuria is a picturesque region recognized as one of the best kayaking spots in Europe. It is a paradise for kayakers, there are forests, lakes, and kayak routes everywhere. Kayak trail on the River Krutynia is often hailed as the most beautiful waterways in Europe. This varied trail, which is 109km long, runs from the Mokre Lake, through the Puszcza Piska and Masurian Landscape Park which was created in 1977. The most popular part of the kayak trail begins in Sorkwity and ends in Ruciane-Nida. It will take 7 to 8 days to finish the whole trail, and it’s also possible to select some sections for one day trip. Kayaking along the picturesque Krutynia River, it’s a good opportunity to admire a wide variety of scenery and water birds as well as the many attractions including the Filiponi Monastery in Wojnow and the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidlowo. Its natural beauty, clean air and silence captivated all who visit here.

In addition to kayaking, there are plenty of activities you can join in, from cycling and horse riding among thick forests, to sailing and fishing on Poland’s biggest lakes. If you are fed up with being at home and eager to immerse yourself in nature with clear water and baking sun, then a holiday in Masuria will ensure that you’ll be spoilt for choice. ?‍♀️??⛵️?

Apart from the natural landscape, there is a multitude of historical places you can visit as well, such as Teutonic castles, beautiful historic churches and palaces as well as Hitler’s former Second World War military headquarters. When you done with various activities of the day, you can also experience local life to stay as a guest on a smallholding or farm in villages where you can tase some of the local organic food, and the price is very reasonable. However you explore Mazuria, you can’t help but unwind.

Do you remember the last time that you kayaked across the placid water, the world kept silent except for the dip of the oars? Start planning your travel in Masuria now and you will be blown away by the experience.?