Since the easing of restrictions was imposed last Friday, Poland’s winter capital of Zakopane has again become a major tourist hotspot and was filled with joy and laughter. 

Zakopane is a charming town in the south of Poland, beautifully situated in a pictorial mountain valley and surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks of the Tatra Mountains. Known for hiking in summer and skiing in winter, Zakopane is an attractive city to visit and stay. With its clean air, breathtaking landscapes, various winter sports and unique highlander culture, Zakopane has captured the hearts and minds of tourists around the world. There is no shortage of things to do in Zakopane, especially during the snowy winter. 

This lovely town is an excellent place for all winter sports enthusiasts, for it offers ski slopes of varying difficulty that are suitable for people of all ages and levels. Apart from skiing and snowboard, it also offers a great opportunity to experience Polish traditional horse-drawn sleigh rides in the Tatra National Park which is right next to the Zakopane, and enjoy picnics at the bonfire. Moreover, Zakopane is also known for its highlander culture which is on display in many respects of the town, including its unique folk music, very characteristic wooden villas, delicious regional cuisines and beautifully ornamented traditional costumes as well as the most hospitable people you can imagine. It would be a wonderful experience to live in lovely wooden chalets, to taste traditional Highland cuisines, and to enjoy shopping along Krupowki Street for traditional leather Highland shoes and socks. 

Zakopane is a lovely resort that offers the perfect mix of the magnificent sights of nature, unique culture, various sports and shopping all in one place, everyone will find something for themselves! Don’t miss out on all the fun adventures in the Zakopane!😉

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