Visit Poland DMC

As the first step of easing coronavirus restrictions, shopping malls, museums and art galleries around Poland were set to reopen on this Monday.😃 It’s good news for all the travelers who are in or planning to visit Poland. For example, the National Museum in Krakow and its branches are ready to welcome its visitors from Tuesday, February 2, including the Sukiennice Museum, the Czartoryski Museum, and the Main Building of the National Museum.

The Sukiennice Museum is also called the Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art at Sukiennice, which is housed on the historical Cloth Hall in the center of the Main Market Square in Old Town Kraków since 1883. The gallery contains four rooms and focuses solely on Polish paintings and sculptures dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, some of the paintings are huge and all of them are adorned with lavishly–framed.

Founded in 1796 by Princess Izabela Czartoryska, the Czartoryski Museum is one of the country’s oldest museums and boasts the city’s richest art collection, the most famous of which is the painting “Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci. Apart from numerous precious paintings, the museum also has an excellent collection of weaponry and antiques from Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Established in 1897, the National Museum in Krakow is a top-notch institution for all fans of sophisticated art. It contains three permanent exhibitions, of which the most interesting is the exhibit of 20th and 21st century Polish Art featuring nearly 500 works by Poland’s leading modern artists.

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