Visit Poland DMC

Szczecin is the largest city in northwestern Poland, located near the Baltic Sea at only about 20 km from the German border. There is no better way to capture some of the glamour of the city than by taking a stroll on Waly Chrobrego Promenade with great views on the Oder river and beautiful architectural complexes along the way. 

To the south of the promenade, one can find the Pomeranian Dukes Castle which was originally built in 1346, St. James’ Church which is about 110 meters high, the historical Town Hall and the other attractions in the old town. To the northwest of the promenade, the picturesque Kasprowicza Park is the largest park in the city, situated in an idyllic valley sloping down to the Rusalka Lake. At the edge of the park, come to the incredible Różanka Rose Garden, which features over 9,000 fragrant roses of 99 varieties.

Szczecin boasts many historical sites which are well worth a visit. Not only that, but it’s also home to three vast local forests and one of the biggest lakes in Poland, Lake Dabie. A quarter of the city’s area is covered by water, you can enjoy both the natural scenery and the city sights by experiencing sailing, canoe or prefer motorboats, there is a lot of ways to discover the charm of Szczecin.