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After four years of renovation work, the Corpus Christi Basilica in Kraków has been restored to its former glory. You should definitely visit it if you have the chance.

This historic massive church was commissioned by King Casimir III the Great in 1335, located in the Kazimierz district of Kraków, is one of the city’s largest, and defiantly most beautiful Gothic churches. The exterior of the Basilica remained mostly Gothic, with a free-standing bell tower, while its Baroque interior is a feast of brick, marble, gold, as well as a myriad of oil paintings. The Gothic walls are a sharp contrast to gilded Baroque altars adorning each pillar. Visitors will marvel at the fantastic interiors inside, which feature a boat-shaped pulpit held aloft by two mermaids, the largest organ in the city containing a total of eighty-three pipes, the Renaissance-style mausoleum with a painted door as well as the iconic paintings of Christ the Savior and Mother Mary in the nave, which was the masterpiece of the Polish artist Luke Porębski at the beginning of the 17th century. Another feature of the Basilica is the special opening placed near the apex of the vaulted ceiling, which is called ‘a rift in the skies’. 

The Corpus Christi Basilica is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque-style temples in Central Europe and is well worth seeing while you visit the Old Jewish Quarter of Kraków.

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