Warsaw's Old Town

Warsaw truly is the city of rebirth and there are so many mesmerizing things to see here. Although more than 85% of Warsaw’s historic center was destroyed during WWII, the Old Town was painstakingly rebuilt using painting and photographs as an architecture blueprint, so visitors can get a sense of what it looked like in its former glory. In 1980, the Old Town was placed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites as “an outstanding example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history covering the 13th to the 20th century”. 

The Old Town in the city center alone is enough to inspire a visit, with a labyrinth of winding cobblestone streets, ornate tenement facades and picturesque squares with plenty of Medieval charm. Of course, there’s more to Warsaw than just the Old Town, and visitors with plenty of time will explore outstanding historical monuments and museums, like the stunning Royal Lazienki Park and the fantastic ​Wilanow Palace known as the ‘Polish Versailles’. Enjoy a concert, ​or delve into the local markets for delicious local specialties, there is no shortage of things to do in Warsaw. The best time to visit is between May and September, so it’s time to plan your trip to Warsaw. 😉

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