Poland’s Golden Destinations

Sixteen destinations in Poland have been awarded Google Maps’ coveted Golden Pin award! 🏆

The awards are handed out to the one top-rated destination in each of Poland’s 16 provinces, based on the opinions of Google Maps’ users.🌏

Here is the full list of 16 Golden Pin Destinations in Poland👇

How many of them have you visited so far?😃

  • Marlbork📍Malbork Castle, the largest brick castle in the world
  • Szczecin📍Chrobry Embankment, the best place to capture the vast panorama of the Odra River and the harbour
  • Stańczyki📍Stańczyki Viaducts, among the largest bridges in Poland
  • Bialystok📍Branicki Palace, known as the Polish Versailles
  • Toruń📍The Living Museum of Gingerbread, the first interactive museum in Europe and you can take part in the making processes of Gingerbread
  • Wroclaw📍Africarium, the only themed oceanarium devoted solely to exhibiting the fauna of Africa
  • Międzyrzecz📍The Miedzyrzecki Fortified Region, visit the museum of fortifications and the largest European underground bat refuge
  • Kozłówka📍Zamoyski Palace and Museum, a picturesque rococo and neoclassical palace complex
  • Ujeździe📍Krzyżtopór Castle, a majestic and magnificent ruin
  • Kraków📍Wawel Royal Castle, the most historically and culturally significant site in Poland
  • Lodz📍Rose Passage, the biggest wall decorated with glass mosaic in Poland
  • Poznan📍Citadel Park, a picturesque national historic monument
  • Sanok📍The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok, one of the biggest open-air museums in Poland presenting 19th and early 20th century life in this area
  • Zabrze📍 Guido Mine, a must-see spot of the European Route of Industrial Heritage
  • Opole📍 Philharmonic of Poland, one of Poland’s leading Orchestras
  • Warsaw📍 Lazienki Royal Park, the largest park in Warsaw where the Palace on the Island is located