Mothers are the most important human beings in our lives. They support us through our whole life, stand by us and love us no matter what. They deserve to be treated as princesses the entire year, but there is one totally special day just for all the brave Moms – the Mother’s Day. In Poland, we celebrate this day on 26thof May.

I am sure that not only I have a huge problem with getting to an idea for a unique gift every year. Flowers and something sweet are a must, but what else? Well, let me help you and introduce you to my “Perfect Mother’s Day in Warsaw” Guide.

First things first – breakfast! Warsaw is a real breakfast capital, there are more and more spots, where you can have a fancy meal in a beautiful spot. Let’s start the day in an  luxurious restaurant located in one of the most important hotels in Poland – Bristol. It has opened in 1901 and over the years a lot of politicians and famous people have stayed there. The architecture is truly unforgettable and it will definitely help you and your mom get in a great mood for the whole day.

While being in the heart of Warsaw, you can have a nice walk and admire the Royal Castle and the Old Town. Feel the real atmosphere of Poland and it is really easy, when you are surrounded by these marvelous buildings. Beside sightseeing the most popular places, I suggest to just get lost in the small streets, it can be really magical!

It is a celebration day so there have to be presents! I would suggest buying something made by polish local people, just like Risk Made in Warsaw. High quality material, beautiful and unique design and very friendly staff is the key to their success. These clothes are made for any age and any size – perfect for Mother and Daughter!

You can also pop into a great cosmetic store – JEJU with only natural products, a lot of them are being made in Poland. If you are read our articles, you might know this place from the Cracow issue.

For lunch take your Mom for a real dumpling feast – Le’pię is a fun variation about this polish traditional meal. It is a very cozy and small restaurant with delicious food.

What sounds more like mother day than a SPA session! Natur Lov is a place like no other, your Mom will have finally a moment of full relaxation. The SPA owner uses only natural cosmetics and treats each client very individually. You can enjoy the pure calmness and be able to forget about the whole world.

Warsaw is full of beautiful squares and parks. Spend some time in Łazienki park, feed the squirrels or have a coffee at the Grzybowska Square with a view on the mix of the old church and new skyscrapers. If you are interested in giving your mom flowers and by the way see some locals, go and check out Hala Mirowska – you can find there not only fresh and colorful bouquets, but also fishes, meat, fruit and vegetables.

After this long tour through the nicest parts of Warsaw, you will probably start to feel hungry – grab a taxi and go straight to Stary Dom Restaurant, which in polish means “The Old House” and inside it really is! You can feel like at your grandparents house with lots of dark brown furniture and flowers everywhere. If you want to taste real polish cuisine – this the place to be! You should definitely order a tartare, because the chef will come to your table and prepare it right next to you.

With full stomachs go to Weles, a secret bar hidden in one of the streets in city center for the last cocktail and relax after a whole day of attractions. Cheers to all Moms!