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Funniest Easter traditions

Easter is a very special period of the year in Poland. It combines tradition, religion, food and various Slavic customs. The list of Polish traditions and customs celebrated during spring holidays contains a number of interesting and surprising events. We suggest you which places to visit in April to experience a real Easter adventure. The […]

Deep Spot in Mszczonów

Mszczonów is about to become the most popular in the whole world thanks to the swimming pool that is being build in this small town located 50 km from Warsaw. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if it were not for the fact that it is going to be the deepest pool ever built. […]

Easter cuisine in a modern version

The most important part of every holiday celebration is of course food! Especially Easter in Poland has a lot of cuisine traditions, that are being upgraded almost every year. Only one thing never changes – the whole day starts with a big “Easter Breakfast”, where families get together, eat, talk and make wishes. Poland is getting […]

Palm Sunday in Poland

Palm Sunday is a Christian celebration held on a Sunday before Easter, its’ historical meaning was to remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This religious holiday is a start of the Holy Week and ends the Lent, it’s movable and it can take place from 15thMarch till 18thApril. People have thrown palm branches […]

Bringing science to life

Learning can be very exciting and nowadays more and more children and young people start to understand it. In Poland through these past few years many unique science centers and labs were built, which bring science to life. They convince us that anyone can understand physics or become a scientist.  It encourages people to shape […]

Spirit of Ostra Brama

After years of efforts the Canadian authorities handed over to Poland the Douglas DC-3 Dakota “Spirit of Ostra Brama”. Until now, the plane was in a military base in Winnipeg, Canada. On 8thMarch it was given to the Polish embassy in Ottawa and later transported to Poland. The famous DC-3 was manufactured in Oklahoma City […]

Cycling tours in Poland

Let’s burn some winter calories and get a bit active with one of the easiest and most popular sports – cycling. After winter we are all craving for some outdoor activities and biking is the first thing that comes to our mind. Poland maybe isn’t the most obvious destination for biking trips, but we can […]