Visit Poland DMC

1) Party!

Polish people really can drink and know how to have a good time. From small and affordable traditional shot bars to craft beer and cocktail bars to rooftop nightclubs, Poland has something to offer to any kind of partier. There’s a plethora of the bars and clubs that will be having NYE themed parties to choose from. If you really can’t decide on a venue or just want to hop around bars and clubs, Warsaw and Gdansk have NYE themed pub crawls for an extremely affordable price.

2) Budget Friendly & Easy On Your Wallet

Poland’s currency is the Polish Zloty. Poland is an extremely affordable destination for many travellers. Combine that with NYE, where pre-fixed menus are usually over-the-top expensive; not in Poland. For example, on the high-end, a nice, pre-fixed NYE meal for two with alcohol will only put you back €45 at most. A standard dinner and drinks will only cost you less than €20 and alcohol is dirt cheap (€1 vodka shots, €2-3 pints of beer, €5 fancy cocktails) and available 24 hours a day. For those of you craving some extravagance but have always been apprehensive due to a budget, you can end 2019 sightseeing and partying around one of Poland’s cities in a limo (starting from €22 per person) or helicopter at a budget-friendly price.

3) Escape The Crowds

We all know that the major European cities like London, Paris, and Berlin are going to be a zoo on New Year’s Eve! Taxis will be nearly impossible to hail and Uber surge prices will be over the roof! Save yourself the aggravation and head over to Poland where most of the crowd are fun-loving locals! To be quite honest, all of the Polish cities are so compact that walking is certainly not out of the question [just remember, no open bottles while walking :)].

4) Christmas Markets

The best thing about Christmas times are definitely Christmas Markets. You can walk around all bundled up, looking at the lights with a mulled wine in hand, munching on delicious Polish goodies such as pierogies, kielbasa, and pączki (donuts). Check out the Christmas Markets in the Old Towns of Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk- they are absolutely magical!

5) Winter Wonderland in the Mountains

The southern parts of Poland offer various skiing/snowboarding destinations for the active traveler. Unlike the Swiss and Italian Alps, skiing/snowboarding in Poland is quite affordable. For those of you non-ski/snowboarders, never fear. You can still immerse yourself in the mountains and have a wintery, snowy time in the picturesque town of Zakopane. Zakopane is THE Polish go-to for a winter getaway. Grab a hot chocolate or mulled wine and ring in the near year all cosied up by the fire in the wintery wonderland of the Polish mountains.