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On Sunday (January 12) at 15.30 the main concert will start, which will last until 22. There will be, among others Daria Zawiałow, Agnieszka Chylińska and Ralph Kamiński. The concert will close with the performance of the band Tulia. The artists will perform on the same stage under which Warsaw residents welcomed the New Year. Works are currently underway there, because the stage needs to be slightly modified. Just like on New Year’s Eve, there will be no fireworks during the final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This is the second time when “Light to Heaven” at 20 will be a musical and light show.

In front of the Grand Theater there will be a stand with a educational program “We save and teach to save”. At 8.30-20 you can train there with knowledge of the principles of providing first aid through VR glasses.

On Saturday, the 5-kilometer run “Count yourself with diabetes” will start. This is the 14th time when volunteers go to the streets of Warsaw. The new route runs along Krakowskie Przedmieście, Świętokrzyska, pl. Powstańców Warszawy, Jasna, Mazowiecka and pl. Pilsudski. Start at 11. 5,000 people will participate and donations collected during registration for the run will be allocated to insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes.

The account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will be credited to the lucky ones who will win unique auctions. Małgorzata Gersdorf, the first president of the Supreme Court, invites you to a day spent in the courthouse at pl. Krasinski. You will be able to accompany the president in her routine duties. Tomasz Grodzki, Speaker of the Senate, who will be able to have dinner, counts on the donors. After a joint meal, the politician will show around the Senate building.

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