Visit Poland DMC

Kazimierz became in the past few years a very trendy place to be. Thanks to that there are lots of places to eat, drink, party, but also nice spots for some shopping.

„O Jeju” (Miodowa 9) is a sensational shop with natural cosmetics mostly made by polish brands. If you are a fashion fan „Idea Fix” (Stradomska 16) is a boutique for you – only polish designers, good materials, modern design. Every tourist knows that the most important part of traveling is sending postcards to make your friends jealous, so Galeria Lue Lue (Miodowa 22) will provide you the magic of Kazimierz captured in a picture. For an evening drink with the locals go to Hevre (Meiselsa 18), a pub made in an old Jewish house of prayer, the paintings on the walls are almost telling the story of the Jewish community. Alchemia (Estery 5) on other hand is a bar almost magical, illuminated only by candles, decorated with old furniture and serving delicious cocktails.

That’s where the locals meet for a chat at the end of the day. While planning on staying longer that one day, go check out the Puro Hotel Kazimierz (Halicka 14a), the design of this hotel knocks on your knees and it’s located few steps from the heart of this district. Kazimierz is the only place on earth with such an atmosphere. It’s where history meets modernity, old meets young, Jewish meets polish, one of a kind. The only impossible thing to do there? NOT fall in love with Kazimierz.