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Warsaw’s Old Town is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Warsaw as well as in Poland. One of the highlights is a statue of the Warsaw Mermaid, called “syrenka” in Polish, who is the symbol and guardian of the city, armed with a sword and a shield standing in the middle of the Old Town square.

Legend has it that she was from the Baltic Sea, where she had a twin sister, the famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen. Syrenka came to the banks of the Wisła River and fell in love with the harmonious surroundings, she then decided to stay. One day, the mermaid was captured and imprisoned by a rich merchant. Hearing her cries, a brave fisherman rescued her. Since then, the mermaid became the city’s guardian and was ready to help protect the city and its residents.

Nowadays the mermaid of Warsaw is a symbol of the city, you can find numerous mermaid statues here. 

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