Poland is a beautiful country with lofty mountains, thousands of lakes, lush forests, and sunny beaches. It’s stunning all year round, but there is something about Spring that makes it unusually beautiful. With the Easter holiday approaching, we want to introduce you to some nice ideas for a spring tour around this colorful country.

📍Tatra Mountains

The Polish Tatra Mountains are the highest mountains in the country that are recognized by many as the most beautiful ones. With breathtaking landscapes and many picturesque towns, Tatra Mountains attract millions of tourists all year round, but the mountains feature an incredible allure in the spring when the crocuses are beginning to bloom and the whole valley is covered with a violet carpet of blooming crocuses. Especially beautiful is Chochołowska Valley, where is the best place to admire the blooming crocuses in late March or early April and has many nice easy trails, which make it ​an ideal place for gentle walks with small children, the elderly, and even pets. 🌷🌷🌷

📍Sudety Mountains

Sudety Mountains are the second oldest mountain range in Poland. The highest part of this old and eroded chain of mountains is the Karkonosze, reaching 1602m at Mount Śnieżka. There are many marked hiking trails of varying difficulty from the Polish side to the top, each of them providing unforgettable views. You can set off from the Polish town of Karpacz, and enjoy the picturesque view over the Karkonosze Mountains and the town. There’s also an option to take a chairlift from Karpacz to Mount Kopa (1,377 m), and then to hike up to the peak of Śnieżka, which significantly shortens the way to the summit. Apart from the baroque Chapel of St. Lawrence that has over 350 years of history and interesting mountain huts along the way, the famous UFO-like meteorological observatory on Śnieżka is well worth a visit.

📍Bieszczady mountains

Located in the most south-eastern part of Poland on the border with Slovakia and Ukraine there are Bieszczady mountains
 which can be a nice spring getaway. With many gorgeous hiking trails, lovely little towns scattered all around and delicious food served in local restaurants it is a perfect destination for a calm, relaxing weekend away from the city. By day, you can take a hike to the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland, or walk along the wooden architecture trail filled with historical attractions and beautiful wooden churches. By night, you can also find the darkest place in Europe here, up to 7,000 stars may be seen by the naked eye at Starry Sky Park. Bieszczady is definitely a perfect area for hiking if you don’t like crazy steep mountains!


If you enjoy water sports, Mazury (Masuria) is the perfect region for you to visit. Known as “The land of a thousand lakes”, Masuria is a picturesque region recognized as one of the best kayaking spots in Europe. With two of the largest lakes in Poland and hundreds of smaller ones, it is simply perfect for camping, swimming, kayaking as well as sailing. Its natural beauty, clean air, and silence captivated all who visit here. If you are fed up with being at home and eager to immerse yourself in nature with clear water and fresh air, then Masuria is the best spot for you.

Photo: overhere.eu