Lenno Castle in Poland

Lower Silesia boasts one of the greatest concentrations of palaces and castles in Poland as well as in Europe. You will marvel at the sheer number of them. Some of the sites have been converted into hotels or museums, but there are still many castles that have remained almost untouched for centuries, one of which is the historic Lenno Castle.

Built in the 12 century, Lenno Castle is located on Zamkowa mountain near the town of Wleń in Lower Silesia, southwestern Poland, also known as Wleński Gródek, is the oldest brick castle in Silesia as well as one of the oldest castles in the country. It was a favorite residence of Hedwig of Silesia and his wife, Duchess Jadwiga, who was canonized as a patron saint of Silesia. The history of the castle may date back to the 10 century, and it has been expanding regularly and been fortified its defenses, but the castle was not spared during the Thirty Years’ War. From that time the building remains in a state of permanent ruin from the mid-17th century.

After the war, there’s a new palace built in the south of the castle, while the castle had not yet been rebuilt. However, thanks to its romantic location and picturesque views from Castle Mountain, the castle was becoming a local tourist attraction as early as the late 18th. Today, from the observation platform at the tower, you can enjoy a sweeping and breathtaking view of the Karkonosze mountain range. With restrictions are being eased cautiously in Poland, the castle has reopened and ready to welcome the visitors.

Photo: Artur Kowalczyk, Polska Zachwyca ©