Visit Poland DMC

With the weather turning warmer, the snow retreat, and the trees come into bloom. The winter wonderland is gradually replaced by the green one, which lures people out and brings the smell of spring. Not only in nature but the big city like Krakow in Poland is also packed with plants. Thanks to the vast green spaces, Krakow is ranked 5th out of 155 cities by the Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI), which makes it one of the greenest cities in the world.

With a high share of urban green space up to 57%, the city of Krakow seemed to be carpeted in a rich green and each resident enjoys an average of 207m² of free space. The main green space in Kraków is Błonia Park, which is a vast meadow with an area of 48 hectares directly adjacent to the historic center of the city as well as one of Europe’s largest city-center meadows. The park has become an ideal leisure space to walk the dog, go cycling and running, and a lot of outdoor sports. 

Krakow is not only a green city, and also a vibrant and vivid city with a rich history and numerous majestic architecture. Walk along the Royal Route, which is the most popular travel route in Krakow that used to be the historical coronation path of the Polish kings. Feast your eyes on the greatest treasures of Poland’s former royal capital, make sure to see the Barbican, St Florian’s Gate, the impressive Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Basilica with the world’s largest late-Gothic altarpiece, the magnificent Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral, and so on. With its long and rich history, Krakow boasts many World Heritage sites and stunning natural landscapes that attract tens of millions of tourists a year, for there is no shortage of things to see in Kraków. 

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Photo: Polish Tourism Organisation