Visit Poland DMC

If you love snow and ice, cold fresh air, and want to spend some time in a beautiful, historic mountain village in Europe, then a small town of Zakopane in Poland is a perfect destination for you. Not only is it known for ski resorts, but it also features Poland’s largest snow maze, which is bigger than 10 tennis courts and was pieced together by using over 60,000 ice blocks.

This giant snow maze covers an area of over 3000 square meters, surrounded by 2-meter tall walls made of snow and ice and it boasts dozens of winding alleys that make people feel disoriented. But there is no need to panic, you can get help from strangers who might stand on a high place and shout out directions to you. It’s better to wear a brightly colored coat so that you could be spotted more easily by others, if you are not sure you would find the right direction all the time by yourself. By night, the maze is lit up with colorful illumination, creating a magical atmosphere. In addition to the maze, there are many interesting attractions made of snow and ice that you can find in the Snowlandia Winter Theme Park in the capital of the Tatra Mountains. If you have seen the Disney movie “Frozen”, you will be fascinated by a 16-meter high Snow Castle that features chambers, secret passages, tunnels through which you can get to a tower or terrace from which a beautiful view extends. There is also a Palace of the Snow Queen full of exquisite ice sculptures, where you can sit on her ice throne, lie on an ice bed or warm up by the ice fireplace. 

With the largest snow maze in Poland and many attractions made of snow, Snowlandia Park is a winter wonderland park suitable for everyone, especially for the whole family.