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Moszna Castle is a historic castle, one of the most magnificent castles in the world.

located in a small village of Moszna, in Southwestern Poland. The castle in Moszna was raised in the mid-17th century, but its present form is a result of the invention of a Prussina magnate from the late 19th century. Even though the castle was originally designed in a Baroque style, one of the castle wing is Neogothic in style and the other is Neo-Renaissance.

The Moszna Castle, is a gigantic dreamlike structure over 8400 square yards and resembles those magical places, that feature in fairy tales and Disney films. The castle structure amazes with its architecture and scale. It has 365 rooms and 99 towers. Part of the rooms were turned into hotel and spa, so you can experience a stay in the castle. The park surrounding, packed with gorgeous azaleas, rhododendrons and oak trees, is one of the oldest establishments in the region of Poland, Silesia.