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Known as the third-largest castle in Poland, as well as the largest castle in Lower Silesia, Książ Castle was built at the end of the 13th century by the Silesian Duke Bolko I. It located in northern Wałbrzych, perched on a tall hill, surrounded by a deep valley covered with lush forest. It’s aptly described as ‘Pearl of Silesia’.

Over the centuries, Książ Castle changed hands often and belonged to various states. It was destroyed during the numerous wars, and then was repeatedly remodeled until well into the 20th century, which shape the castle form into what it is today – a colorful castle full of different styles including Romanesque, Baroque, and Renaissance style. This fairy-tale castle we see today took shape during the 16th century. Thanks to the lord of the castle at that time, the affluent Hochberg family, who expanded the castle and significantly contributed to its splendor. After many transformations, Książ Castle finally became more of a stately home than a fortress by taking down the dikes, ditches, moats, part of the defensive walls, and creating a French-style garden.

During World War II, the castle was seized by the Nazis, and they created a system of tunnels underneath the castle, in which the function still remains a mystery. After the war, the castle was started falling into ruin. But luckily, restoration work began soon and the castle has been elaborately restored to its previous grandeur. 

Today, much of the castle is open to visitors, including the elegantly decorated Maximilian’s Hall, which is the best-preserved Baroque banquet room in Silesia, the Princess Daisy apartments in baroque-style, the Games Salon, the Oriental Room. Climbing up the castle tower to admire a delightful view of the surroundings is also a highlight of the castle. Apart from impressive attractions, Książ Castle houses luxury hotel accommodations and fine restaurants. It is also a venue for exhibitions and festivals even weddings.

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