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Healed as “The land of a thousand lakes”, Masuria is a picturesque region of more than a thousand lakes that attracts a large number of water sports enthusiasts even in winter. One of the region’s biggest cities, Giżycko is a popular holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts and is the largest sailing center in the lakes, situated between the lakes of Niegocin and Kisajno in the heart of the Masuria.

The town of Giżycko boasts over 100 lakes and offers absolutely breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness, it’s attractive not only in summer but also in winter. While in summer the lakes is a nice place to relax in the sun, go sailing, and kayaking, in winter they often become frozen solid with thick which provide excellent conditions for ice yachting. National and international ice-boat competitions are arranged there almost every weekend, that includes Poland’s Ice-boat Championships which have been held every year since 1951. It’s easy to find local offices that offer various training courses on ice-boating and to rent ice boats and other equipment. Fly in an ice boat on the frozen lake, you are going to be blown away by this incredible experience. Moreover, taking a sleigh ride across the forest and the lake is also a great opportunity to feel the magic of Mother Nature.

Apart from the natural landscape, there is a multitude of historical places you can visit as well, such as the 14th-century Teutonic castle and the 19-century Boyen Fortress. When you are done with various activities of the day, the town also offers a multitude of charming restaurants and bars, featuring a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy a good meal.