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There are only 3 days left until Christmas! 🤩 Have you picked out all the gifts? 🎁  Buying the perfect Christmas gift can be challenging but finding the distinctive Polish goods for Christmas gifts is not that hard. There are some good Christmas gift ideas that may inspire you.

👸  A piece of Baltic amber jewellery can be a beautiful and special gift for ladies. So-called the Gold of the North, this warm-coloured stone has been known for ages as the Polish gold and is still popular and admired by people with taste.

🤴 For gentlemen, there are many kinds of Polish vodkas to satisfy every taste. Among the most popular and special of them is Żubrówka (Bison Grass Vodka) which contains a bison grass blade in every bottle that makes it infused with naturally sourced ingredients from the Polish forest.

🧒  Polish sweets are a truly universal gift idea that is suitable for many festivals especially when it comes to Christmas, and you will be spoilt for choice. For example, the delicious Polish gingerbread(Piernik), Polish tree cake(Sękacz), soft chocolate-covered candy(Ptasie Mleczko) as well as polish specialties like wild mushrooms, polish golden honey, smoked cheese(Oscypek) and so on.

No matter what gift you have chosen, your love and best wishes are the most precious ones! ✨✨💗✨✨

Photo: Polish Tourism Organisation