The Museum of Warsaw

Warsaw is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Although more than 85% of Warsaw’s historic center was razed to the ground during WWII, the Old Town was painstakingly rebuilt using old photographs and paintings as a reference, so visitors can enjoy its former glory today. A labyrinth of winding cobbled stone street, ornate tenement facades and picturesque squares with plenty of Medieval charm, it’s easy to understand why the Old Town is the exquisite gem in Warsaw’s crown. With fragments that survived the war, each of the buildings has its own story to tell of Warsaw’s history.

The city’s tumultuous past was reflected not only in architecture, but visitors can also learn about its history in the Museum of Warsaw. Located on the northern side of the Old Town Market Square, the Museum occupies 11 historic tenement houses with the sheer volume of objects that tell Warsaw’s dramatic history in innovative ways. Over 7,000 original objects were categorized into 21 thematic rooms ranging from photographs and postcards to clothing and patriotic items, making the museum a great place to visit, especially for history buffs. Besides the countless exhibits, the buildings themselves are historic. Fun fact, despite severe damage during the war, the original spatial layout, seventeenth-century wooden ceilings, details in the hallways and paintings have remained. After an eventful walk, don’t forget to climb up to the fifth floor where is a perfect place to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Market Square and the Old Town.

Since Poland started to reopen museums last week, there are plenty of unique museums that are well worth a visit, like the Museum of Warsaw, which definitely should be added to your travel bucket list.😉

Photo: Muzeum Warszawy