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Castle Square. This triangular plaza is one of the most historic squares in Warsaw that is located in front of the Royal Castle, which is the former official residence of Polish monarchs. The castle square features a 22m-high column of King Sigismund III Vasa, who moved Poland’s capital from Krakow to Warsaw in 1596. Erected by the king’s son Władysław Vasa in 1644, the Sigismund’s Column is one of Warsaw’s most famous landmarks. During the Warsaw Uprising, the original column was knocked down but the bronze statue survived miraculously and was placed on a new column after the war, while the remains of the original column lie next to the Royal Castle. Armed with a cross and a sword, the king is still dressed in armor and guarded the city at the top of the column.

The Castle square is a good first stop for visitors who want to walk through the Old Town of Warsaw, and it’s also the start of the Royal Route stretching 11km south to Wilanów Palace. Today, the square is not only a tourist hot-spot for visitors, but also a hub for locals who gather to watch street entertainers, have a good meal, and see the tallest Christmas tree in Warsaw during the holiday season.

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