Visit Poland DMC

Poland boasts thousands of impressive architectures, visitors may marvel at majestic castles, splendid palaces and magnificent churches. Apart from these historical buildings, a wooden house completed in 2007 also attracts thousands of tourists each year. 

Located in the tiny village of Szymbark in Northern Poland, the house is the only one in Poland, as well as the first in Europe, that was built on its roof, hence the name Upside Down House. It is essentially a fully furnished home like any other and the interior is furnished in the socialist style of the 1970s as well as furniture. There is even an old television that blares vintage propaganda. Visitors have to climb through an attic window to enter the house, but once inside, they are able to take a stroll through the house on the ceiling and experience the Polish family atmosphere of the 70s when Poland was under Communist rule. Another highlight of the house is the world’s longest plank, which is 36.83m long and is registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

This amazing two-story wooden house is part of the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion where is not just a place of fun but is also a place of education that visitors can learn Poland’s history. Besides the Upside Down House, there is also the Museum of Carpentry with its 2300 exhibits of woodworking tools and the Museum of Snuff, both worthy of a visit. The place is about 39 km from Gdansk, if you are planning to come and visit Gdansk or Tri-City, don’t forget to stop by here!?

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