Poland boasts a wealth of natural beauty and rich cultural history. Although there are countless ways to experience nature and enjoy the charm of Polish culture at the same time, a bicycle tour is among the most exciting ways to explore the hidden treasures and the most beautiful places in Poland that can’t be reached by vehicles. Spring is a perfect time to dust off your two-wheeler or rent a bike for bicycle adventures! ?

Admire the UNESCO heritage sites?, indulge yourself in unspoiled nature?, go deeper into the dense forest?, cycle up the beautiful trails to the Gubałówka Hill?, enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Tatra Mountains?. If you don’t want to miss out on all this fun, go ahead to our website to check the amazing adventures that we have planned for you.?

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With spring bringing warmer weather☀️, the trees turn green? and the flowers bloom?, everything comes to life again?. It’s time to strike out into nature! 

Just east of Kraków there is a beautiful small town of Baranów Sandomierski which can be a nice weekend getaway. The town is well known for the picturesque Baranów Sandomierski castle, which is one of the most valuable and at the same time one of the most well-preserved renaissance objects in Poland. Located on the east bank of the Vistula River, this former Polish magnate residence is known as “little Wawel” from its magnificent appearance which was designed in reference to the Royal Wawel Castle in Krakow.

The Castle was erected at the end of the 16th century and has changed hands several times from Baranowski, to Wiśniowiecki, to Lubomirski, and then finally to Krasicki families. The biggest highlight of the castle is its beautiful cloistered rectangular inner courtyard, which looks much like the style of Royal Wawel Castle. You will marvel at its unique portals and the richly decorated attic on its front elevation. It’s believed that the castle was originally designed by the Italian architect and sculptor Santi Gucci and then was reconstructed by its later owners, including Princess Teofila Ludwika Zasławska who converted the castle in 1683 and added a picture gallery to the west wing and embellished the interiors with profuse late-baroque stucco decorations. Although the castle was destroyed by fire and war, the building itself survived and was rebuilt and restored in 20 century, returning the historic building to its former glory.

Today, the castle is home to a historical museum and a three-star Hotel, surrounded by a 14-hectare beautiful park with a golf course, making it an ideal place to relax.?

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Poland is a beautiful country with lofty mountains, thousands of lakes, lush forests, and sunny beaches. It’s stunning all year round, but there is something about Spring that makes it unusually beautiful. With the Easter holiday approaching, we want to introduce you to some nice ideas for a spring tour around this colorful country.

?Tatra Mountains

The Polish Tatra Mountains are the highest mountains in the country that are recognized by many as the most beautiful ones. With breathtaking landscapes and many picturesque towns, Tatra Mountains attract millions of tourists all year round, but the mountains feature an incredible allure in the spring when the crocuses are beginning to bloom and the whole valley is covered with a violet carpet of blooming crocuses. Especially beautiful is Chochołowska Valley, where is the best place to admire the blooming crocuses in late March or early April and has many nice easy trails, which make it ​an ideal place for gentle walks with small children, the elderly, and even pets. ???

?Sudety Mountains

Sudety Mountains are the second oldest mountain range in Poland. The highest part of this old and eroded chain of mountains is the Karkonosze, reaching 1602m at Mount Śnieżka. There are many marked hiking trails of varying difficulty from the Polish side to the top, each of them providing unforgettable views. You can set off from the Polish town of Karpacz, and enjoy the picturesque view over the Karkonosze Mountains and the town. There’s also an option to take a chairlift from Karpacz to Mount Kopa (1,377 m), and then to hike up to the peak of Śnieżka, which significantly shortens the way to the summit. Apart from the baroque Chapel of St. Lawrence that has over 350 years of history and interesting mountain huts along the way, the famous UFO-like meteorological observatory on Śnieżka is well worth a visit.

?Bieszczady mountains

Located in the most south-eastern part of Poland on the border with Slovakia and Ukraine there are Bieszczady mountains
 which can be a nice spring getaway. With many gorgeous hiking trails, lovely little towns scattered all around and delicious food served in local restaurants it is a perfect destination for a calm, relaxing weekend away from the city. By day, you can take a hike to the highest peak of Bieszczady Poland, or walk along the wooden architecture trail filled with historical attractions and beautiful wooden churches. By night, you can also find the darkest place in Europe here, up to 7,000 stars may be seen by the naked eye at Starry Sky Park. Bieszczady is definitely a perfect area for hiking if you don’t like crazy steep mountains!


If you enjoy water sports, Mazury (Masuria) is the perfect region for you to visit. Known as “The land of a thousand lakes”, Masuria is a picturesque region recognized as one of the best kayaking spots in Europe. With two of the largest lakes in Poland and hundreds of smaller ones, it is simply perfect for camping, swimming, kayaking as well as sailing. Its natural beauty, clean air, and silence captivated all who visit here. If you are fed up with being at home and eager to immerse yourself in nature with clear water and fresh air, then Masuria is the best spot for you.

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The Polish capital of Warsaw was selected as one of the TOP 50 Most Instagrammable Places in the World! ? ✨This beautiful city is best known for its historical charm and particularly its Unesco listed Old Town, which is the jewel in the Polish capital’s crown. Take a stroll down the narrow and winding cobblestone streets, marvel at the majestic royal castle, the colorful tenement houses, and the historic Old Town Market Square with a statue of the Warsaw Mermaid?‍♀️ brandishing a sword and a shield standing in the middle. From the photogenic Old Town Market Square to the picturesque Wilanow Palace you will find the city still breathes in Medieval atmosphere, making it a perfect destination to get a great shot.✨?✨

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With Easter coming up, many Polish families started preparing their homes for Easter with spring cleaning, shopping, and preparing foods associated with this holiday. One of the most tempting traditions is that of baking traditional Easter cake, called Mazurek, which is served only during Easter and you won’t find it another time of the year. Mazurek is a very sweet, flat cake topped with fruit jam, dried fruit, nuts, caramel, or chocolate. It’s usually beautifully decorated with Easter symbols like hares, pussy willows, and Easter greetings, making it more like a piece of art than a cake. Although Mazurek is considered one of the unique seasonal national desserts in Poland, its recipe came to Poland most likely from Turkey and begun circulating in the 17th century.

Recently, a special Mazurek made by ladies from the “Wereszczynianki” farmer’s wives’ association attracted much attention because of its uncommon size. This Mazurek is 2.36 meters long and was made of nine parts joined together, which is probably win The Sweet Mazurek competition this year.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this Mazurek. Moreover, there are a lot of delicious Polish cakes and pastries that you can find not just during the holiday season, but all year round! ?

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Located in the extreme north-west of Poland, the Świnoujście is the only town in Poland situated on 44 islands, home to many unique historic monuments in Europe and the tallest brick lighthouse in Poland as well as in the world. Built in 1858, this lighthouse is almost 75 meters tall and its lantern emits light from a height of 68 meters above sea level. A climb of 308 steps to the top of the Świnoujście lighthouse offers a breathtaking view of the Baltic coastline, the islands of the Świnoujście, and neighboring resorts. This is a romantic spot for lovers! Moreover, you can find the Maritime Rescue Museum in the vicinity where you can explore a lot of interesting exhibits, including a historic diving suit weighing 70 kilograms with 12 kg oxygen canisters and a powerful 4,200 W bulb.

Today, the lighthouse still serves navigational purposes and was opened to visitors in 2000. Take a leisurely stroll along Poland’s widest beach and enjoy a stunning panoramic view from the terrace. The lighthouse is definitely a landmark of Świnoujście and one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Polish coast.

Photo: Marlena1666/Wikimedia

Dating back to the 13th century, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi was one of the first tall brick-and-sandstone buildings in the city of Kraków and among the oldest temples still standing. Despite many calamities that the church has suffered, most of its gothic elements had been preserved, and the church was subsequently rebuilt in different styles as well, which makes it one of the most charming churches with a mix of gothic and art nouveau styles.

As you walk into the church, you will marvel at what’s hidden behind the door. The walls are adorned with the magnificent art nouveau murals with floral and geometric patterns and eight fantastic stained-glass windows designed by artist Stanisław Wyspiański, of which the most famous is “God the Father in the Act of Creation”. Moreover, the ceiling is dark blue and dotted with stars like the night sky which looks very impressive. Located in the heart of the old town of Kraków, the church of St. Francis of Assisi is easy to find and well worth popping in.?

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Pszczyna Castle, also known in English as Pless Castle, which probably dates back to the 11th century, is one of the most grandiose and extravagant residences in Poland. Located in the town of Pszczyna, just 37km south of Katowice. Surrounded by the wonderful English-style landscape park, this picturesque castle was originally built in a gothic style in the 13th century and then rebuilt as a Renaissance palace in the 17th century. Today, It’s considered an example of Neo-Baroque architecture, whose shape is the result of several expansions and reconstructions in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the past, the castle was once a residence of Polish Piast nobles, then the Promnitz family and later the German von Pless family. The castle became a state-owned property after the death of the last Prince of Pless, Hans Heinrich XV in 1936 and turned into a museum in 1946, which is still in operation. Today, this castle museum features a dozen rooms over three floors decorated with exquisite interiors from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries that miraculously survived the war, including the original antique furniture, walnut wood flooring, art collections, porcelain, rugs, and aged paintings.

The Pszczyna castle is one of the very few museums of this kind in this part of Europe with so many elements of preserved historical furnishings and was voted as one of the “Seven Architectural Wonders of the Silesian Voivodeship” by the Silesian authorities. If you prefer to visit some authentic castle residences in Poland, don’t miss out on this beautiful castle in Pszczyna!

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The Telegraph, a prestigious ??  newspaper, has published an awesome article introducing the most famous attractions in Krakow ??. You will be drawn to the spirit and the allure of this medieval city within the travel guide. Stroll through the cobblestone streets, listen to the sound of the city, admire the priceless historical architecture and artistic treasures, learn about Kraków’s past at various museums, experience a romantic cruise on the Vistula River to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. A vibrant and vivid city, steeped in history and home to many stunning attractions as well as a variety of entertainment activities, ​there is no shortage of things to do in Kraków.

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? What to do in Kraków, for everyone from art lovers to history buffs

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With a long and rich history, Poland is home to centuries-old architecture, numerous museums, and many cultural attractions. In addition to spectacular castles and palaces, many massive fortresses also attract tourists to Poland. That includes the largest mountain fortress in Europe, the Srebrna Góra Fortress.

The fortress in Srebrna Góra was built in 1764–1777 by the order of Frederick II, the King of Prussia. Located on the heights of the Sudety Mountains, it can house up to 4000 soldiers and is composed of six individual forts, several bastions, and associated elements. The fortress was defended by 264 artillery pieces and well protected by the 12-meter-thick walls, all of which perfectly strengthened the defenses of the Prussian state borders in the region. On 28 June 1807, the fortress was successful in the battle of Napoleonic siege, and it still stands today in its original form, which makes it a rare example of a surviving European 18th-century mountain stronghold.

Today, the fortress is the region’s largest military attraction with a military museum and many various regular events, including the Srebrna Góra Fortress’ Festival when the 1807 battle was reconstructed. It’s such an exciting place that will amaze military history buffs.?

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