Located about 110km south of Krakow, Niedzica Castle (also known as Dunajec Zamek) in the Pieniny Mountains is a medieval castle that was originally built in 1325 by the Brezevichy family. The castle was among the most important fortifications along the Dunajec River and it’s a vital centre of Polish-Hungarian relations since the 14th century.

Due to its special location, the castle has always played a part in the Polish-Hungarian relations. For centuries, the castle was a border post of Hungary and Hungarian owners lived in the castle until World War II. After the war, the castle was repaired by Poland and since then it has become one of the most visited places in this part of the country.

This gem of architecture was built on a limestone cliff, 566 meters above the sea level, located at the upstream of Dunajec River. The castle is a superb way to get a sweeping view of the river and surrounding area. There are some legends about the castle. It’s said that one of the first owners of the castle,  Sebastian Brezevichy, whose wife was Inca royal and they brought the Inca treasure of the family to the castle. The legend says that the ghost of Umina appears every night to scare away the people who want to steal their treasure. You can find a sign along the road leading up to the castle, it’s said “Haunted Attention”.? Thanks to its picturesque location and the legend behind it, Niedzica Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Poland and appears on many national publications and books, including one of Netflix TV shows The Witcher that was shot here.

Its impressive location atop a hill, breathtaking views and ghostly legends attract hundreds of visitors each year. If you are interested in visiting this stunning castle, contact us for your tailored trip to Poland.?

With its rich history, from regal residences in Krakow to the ruined castles off the beaten path, Poland bosts over 500 castles and 2,5 thousand of palaces around the country. These charming buildings are not only witnesses of Poland’s history, but also the best recorders of the long history of Poland.

We like to share with you the most peculiar ruined castle in Poland, which is also one of my favorite attractions. Located in the little village of Ujazd, Krzyżtopór castle is a grand but dilapidated structure from many centuries ago, one of the largest buildings in Poland. It’s a little known fact that the castle was the largest palace complex in Europe until the famous French Versailles was built.

The Krzyżtopór castle was erected in the years 1631-1644 as the aristocratic residence of Krzysztof Ossoliński, designed by Italian architect Lorenzo Muretto and cost the enormous sum of 30 million Polish złotys and took 13 years to complete. The grandeur and splendor of the castle exceeded the assumption of all other buildings during the same time period.

For defensive purposes, the castle was built upon a rocky hill, with bastions at the five corners. It is said that the eccentric governor Krzysztof Ossoliński was obsessed with magic and astrology which was also infused in the design of the castle. The unique symmetry of the castle is really obvious even from different perspectives. This majestic castle embodied the structure of the calendar, with four towers representing the four seasons, 12 halls symbolizing the 12 months of the year, 52 rooms for the 52 weeks, 365 windows for 365 days,  and there’s another one used only in leap years. It is said that the ceiling of the ballroom was replaced by a transparent aquarium in which various exotic fishes were swimming above people‘s heads, while marble and mirrors were used in the interiors of the underground stables to illuminate the rooms. In terms of equipment, Krzyżtopór was furnished with amenities that were rarely seen in the 17th century, such as ventilation and heating system, and unique waterworks that provided all rooms with fresh water. Though it is regarded as a permanent ruin due to the destruction by war, there’s about 90% of the walls have been preserved and that is enough to inspire our imagination to recreate how splendid Krzyżtopór was in the 17th century.

To this day, the magnificence and spectacularity of Krzyżtopór castle captivate all who visit here. Its dimensions and architecture are still unique in many places. In addition, some interesting activities are organized here include artillery shows, concerts, dancing classes and staged knights’ battles, every few months. With this magic atmosphere and imposing views, Krzyżtopór Castle is definately worth a visit.

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?What a beautiful lake! Situated in Międzyrzecz County, an incredible heart-shaped lake has been spotted hidden deep in the Pszczewski Landscape Park established in 1986. Although its official name is Black Lake?, from the air, It looks more like a blue heart?, surrounded by flourishing forests, everywhere you can see rich greenery of grass and trees. Thanks to the great natural resources, Poland boasts lots of stunning landscapes. ?

Take a stroll with your lovers or family around the Black Lake, leaving a heart-shaped track on your roadmap.?‍♀️❤️?‍♂️How romantic is that?

? In addition to natural attractions, there are also many historical places and cultural attractions for visitors to explore. North of the Park, west of the town, Międyrzecz Castle located on a small hill in the forks of Obra and Paklica rivers. This brick castle was raised in around 1350 by Casimir III the Great, is the successor of a wooden borough located in this place earlier. During the Piast dynasty of Poland, It was one of the most important Polish fortresses served as the watchtower of the Polish western border. After several reconstructions, the castle gate fortified with roundel bastions is currently the only such preserved in Poland. Besides, not far away from the park, there is a beautiful town named Świebodzin where you can visit the world’s tallest statues of Jesus completed in 2010 there.

There’s plenty of splendid landscape to discover in Poland, contact us to find out more fantastic attractions in Poland.?

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?The 17th Jewish Culture Festival – Singer’s Warsaw has kicked off in Warsaw. It seems that August is a music holiday for all music lovers, various music events were coming one after another.??

This multicultural event was named after Nobel Prize-winning Polish-Jewish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer, presenting Jewish culture through various cultural activities lasting more than a week, including indoor and large outdoor music concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, exhibitions and interesting lectures.

The list of this year’s performers includes Francesco Bruno from Italy, Polish-Ukrainian violinist Vadim Brodski and the Preßburger Klezmer Band from Slovakia, etc. An opening cantorial concert at Warsaw’s Nożyk Synagogue is among the highlights of the festival, which was performed by many musicians including Yoni Rose from Germany. The festival is held in various places around Warsaw every year, but mainly in the part of the city that was once the hub of Warsaw’s Jewish community.

It’s a good opportunity to explore and celebrate Jewish culture and tradition, among a wide range of cultural activities, there’s something for everyone, even for children. The festival runs until August 30, some of the significant activities are available to watch online as well, do not miss it!?

More info: https://www.poland.travel/en/travel-inspirations/the-17th-jewish-culture-festival-singers-warsaw-22-%E2%80%93-30-august#i

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An article promoting Wroclaw has been published in the German online magazine Travelbook.? Situated in western Poland, one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities, Wroclaw is full of monuments of its thousand years of history and is known for the impressive and unique Panorama of the Battle of Racławice and the beautiful, historic Ostrów Tumski quarter.

?Wroclaw won the title of European Best Destination 2018, its long history and numerous historical relics are too charming to ignore. The city is full of historical sites and vibrant cultural venues. It is a true melting pot of European cultures, you can find the traces of the Czech, German and Polish rule here. Besides, the city boasts 12 islands and 112 bridges and Magnificent manor houses, churches and the Wrocław university that was home to as many as 10 Nobel Prize laureates.

?If you want to explore this stunning city, please contact us?

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?Are you ready to take part in the 16th Chopin and his Europe Festival? This year it’s available to enjoy the festival online.?

??The Chopin and His Europe Festival is considered as one of the most important international music events in Europe to present the work of Fryderyk Chopin through masterpieces of other artists. Every year, many outstanding musicians are invited to perform at the festival, including stars of the world’s pianism, eminent chamber musicians, virtuososos of various instruments, conductors, world-renowned ensembles, and so on.

??There’re 26 recitals, chamber concerts, an opera production as well as an educational concert in the programme this year. Four concerts will feature Beethoven’s string quartets as part of the celebration of the composer’s 250th birth anniversary. Besides, you will listen to a number of pianists associated with the Chopin Competition, including two of its winners – Yulianna Avdeeva and Kevin Kenner.  And the highlight of the festival is a concert performance of Stanisław Moniuszko’s opera The Countess by the Italian ensemble Europa Galante conducted by Fabio Biondi. Amid limits on the size of the audience, most concerts will be available free of charge on YouTube and social media of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, selected concerts will also be broadcast by Polish Radio.

The festival this year runs until August 31. It has been held in Warsaw by the Fryderyk Chopin Institute every year since 2005.

?More info: https://nifc.pl/en/

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??Kayaking in Masuria was listed as one of the ten magical holidays in Europe by British The Telegraph! ?

?‍♂️?‍♀️Known as “The land of a thousand lakes”, Masuria is a picturesque region recognized as one of the best kayaking spots in Europe. It is a paradise for kayakers, there are forests, lakes, and kayak routes everywhere. Kayak trail on the River Krutynia is often hailed as the most beautiful waterways in Europe. This varied trail, which is 109km long, runs from the Mokre Lake, through the Puszcza Piska and Masurian Landscape Park which was created in 1977. The most popular part of the kayak trail begins in Sorkwity and ends in Ruciane-Nida. It will take 7 to 8 days to finish the whole trail, and it’s also possible to select some sections for one day trip. Kayaking along the picturesque Krutynia River, it’s a good opportunity to admire a wide variety of scenery and water birds as well as the many attractions including the Filiponi Monastery in Wojnow and the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidlowo. Its natural beauty, clean air and silence captivated all who visit here.

In addition to kayaking, there are plenty of activities you can join in, from cycling and horse riding among thick forests, to sailing and fishing on Poland’s biggest lakes. If you are fed up with being at home and eager to immerse yourself in nature with clear water and baking sun, then a holiday in Masuria will ensure that you’ll be spoilt for choice. ?‍♀️??⛵️?

Apart from the natural landscape, there is a multitude of historical places you can visit as well, such as Teutonic castles, beautiful historic churches and palaces as well as Hitler’s former Second World War military headquarters. When you done with various activities of the day, you can also experience local life to stay as a guest on a smallholding or farm in villages where you can tase some of the local organic food, and the price is very reasonable. However you explore Mazuria, you can’t help but unwind.

Do you remember the last time that you kayaked across the placid water, the world kept silent except for the dip of the oars? Start planning your travel in Masuria now and you will be blown away by the experience.?

???We would like to share with you an amazing forest full of curved pine trees in Poland. Close to the German border, there’s a grove of 400 oddly-shaped pine trees that were planted in the village located 40 km south from Szczecin. Each pine tree bends sharply and kind of looks like shepherd’s crooks, all pointing in the same direction — north. The strange shape of the grove earned it the title of “The Crooked Forest” and became one of nine most amazing forests in the world (according to Daily Mail). Visitors from all over the world come to admire this magical scenery and immerse themself in nature with relaxing. So far, there is no definitive answer that can explain this phenomenon.

A mystery forest with no straight answer, are you ready to explore this magical place with us? ?

???Bielsko-Biała won the most beautiful flower-flourished city title in the Poland Terra Flower Power polls. Congratulations!???

Wandering around the city, it is hard not to be seduced by the flower tower and streetlamps decorated with flowers in various shapes. You can easily take beautiful photos set against the backdrop of flowers, it feels like walking into the fairy tale strewn with flowers.

Bielsko-Biała is an absolutely charming town, is often described as ‘Little Vienna’. There are lots of buildings modelled on Vienna and the majority of them were built in the style of Revival, Art Nouveau and Classicism. The 15th-century St. Nicholas Cathedral is considered to be among the most beautiful architecture which was built originally in the Gothic style and rebuilt completely according to the designs of a Viennese architect. The 19th century paintings and stained glass windows with figures of saints captivate all who visit here.

Apart from being a beautiful city, thanks to its prime location situated at the foot of the Beskid Mountains, the city has a beautiful surrounding landscape and is also a convenient base where visitors can easily walk into the natural world. People can hike here, or take a cable car up to the peak of Szyndzielnia Mountain to see sweeping views across the city, or continue to climb up an observation tower to get a 360-degree view of the area and even the Tatra Mountains on a clear day.

Photo by Paweł Sowa / Wydział Prasowy UMBB

More info (in polish) : http://www.bielsko.biala.pl/aktualnosci/43793/bielsko-biala-jest-najpiekniej-ukwieconym-miastem-w-polsce-foto

Located right in the centre of Poland, Łódź used to be a multicultural city in which Polish, Jewish, German and Russian nations lived and worked together here.

In an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance, they left their mark on the early development of Łódź and become part of this beautiful city they were building together. For years Łódź had been a melting pot of four cultures and nationalities, where synagogues, tserkvas, as well as Catholic and Protestant shrines got along well with each other in peace. It‘s a good opportunity for travellers to get a greater understanding of Łódź roots through concerts, performances, literature and various activities.

The motto of this year’s festival is A Future Without Return, which was also a sort of a metaphor for the current pandemic reality.The programme includes a concert by the German artist Niklas Paschburg of his debut album ‘Oceanic’, a walking tour following the path of long-gone places in Łódź, Gaga/people dance workshops with Israeli choreographer Adi Weinberg, a music show of URBAN WEEDS, circus workshops for children and a jazz concert performed by the students of the Jazz Institute at the Academy of Music in Łódź,

Today, with plenty of events, Łódź is aptly described as the country’s top cultural hotspot in Poland, from festivals to concerts, from theatre shows to dance performances, from exhibitions to movie premiere.

? More info https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/lodz-four-cultures-festival-to-be-held-in-early-september-14935

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