Escape the heat of summer and enjoy the beauty of nature in Poland. There are always various activities you can be involved in, such as hiking in Tatra national park, cycling along the Baltic Sea Coast and rafting down the river Dunajec. Come to Poland, you will be spoilt for choice.

Hiking in Tatra national park ?

Poland is an ideal destination for a walking holiday, with over 15000 miles of marked trails that go through the mountains, lakes and forests. If you want to look down from above the clouds to admire the beauty of nature, the Tatra mountains would be your best choice. As the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, Tatras are one of the most stunning places to visit, with a lot of picturesque valleys, lakes, peaks and mountain trails, covering the area of nearly 180 square kilometers within Poland. There are various trails satisfying hiking lovers of all levels, some of those trails are short and flat which are perfect for families with children.

Cycling along the Baltic Sea Coast ?

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route in Poland is part of the EuroVelo 10 (EV10), which is 582 kilometers long and starts at the Polish-German border in Swinoujscie, passing through the picturesque seaside resorts. You can cycle directly along the sea, which makes a regular rest at picturesque bays and white beaches possible. The route in Poland is mostly flat and well suited for a cycling trip at any level of preparation, especially for families. Experience Baltic Sea and beautiful scenery by exploring Poland on two wheels.

Rafting on the river Dunajec ?

Rafting on the Dunajec River is a relaxing experience for everyone, enjoying the natural surroundings on a traditional wooden rafting boat, listening to the old legends and stories about the river and surroundings. It’s the best way to admire the beautiful landscapes of Pieniny National Park in 2-3 hours trip.

Zalipie is a small village in southeast Poland, considered as the prettiest village in Poland. This small village is known for its unusual tradition that the house inside and outside decorated with lovely floral patterns.

Where does the tradition of painting houses come from?
It’s not entirely clear, but it might relate with a poorly ventilated stove. A long time ago, the interior of small and quite poor huts was covered with   soot from a home stove. There was no chimney in the room, and the hearth area quickly blackened with smoke. Thanks to resourceful Zalipian women who came up with the idea of decorating darkened walls with white irregular spots to tidy up and brighten up their homes. After ventilation improved, villagers (mainly women) continued to conduct their folk art, moving from ceilings to walls to bridges and everything in between.

? The Painted Cottage competition

The Painted Cottage competition (called Malowana Chata) has been held regularly every spring since 1948 which continuously added new colorful floral patterns on cottage walls, continuing a tradition over 100 years old. Its initial purpose was to cover up damages after the war and put a new face on the village again. The starting date of the Malowana Chata has a very special meaning, as it began right after the WW2 ended.

? Felicja Curyłowa, a local art museum

Despite its beauty and attractiveness to tourists, the village is not an open-air museum but a place where people lived their normal lives, creating and developing their tradition. For visitors, there is a museum well worth a visit which was the three-bedroom cottage of a resident named Felicja Curyłowa. After her death, her beautiful house was turned into a museum where visitors can admire her work.

Zalipie is about 70 km from Krakow, if you are planning to travel to Krakow, don’t forget to stop by here!

Photo by mzphotos from Pixabay

There is nothing more refreshing than a holiday by the sea. If you feel the same way, then Sopot which is located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea would be an ideal destination for you.

Sopot is an elegant seaside resort town in northern Poland, which lies between Gdańsk to the southeast and Gdynia to the northwest. They are interconnected and together form a metropolitan area called the TriCity.

? In Sopot, you can stroll along the longest wooden pier(Molo) in Europe, extending into the Baltic sea to a length of over 511 m. It’s a perfect place for a romantic walk.

? You can also unwind on the white sand beach which stretches for 4.5 kilometers from the southern to the northern boundaries of the city and make up one of the most popular attraction during the summer.

? For outdoorsy people, there is a bike route from Sopot to Gdansk which is a great way to enjoy stunning views of the Baltic coast.

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Restaurant Bottiglieria 1881 became the first restaurant in Krakow which earned Michelin Star in the latest Michelin Guide. Congratulations ?

Bottiglieria 1881 has been operating in Krakow since 2013, it’s know for their authentic cuisine using high quality of local products. Bottiglieria 1881 is the first restaurant in Krakow and the third in Poland which earned Michelin star following Atelier Amaro and Senses restaurant in Warsaw.⭐️

Besides, five restaurants in Poland was awarded the Bib Gourmand for good food at moderate prices, including Butchery and Wine, Kieliszki na Hożej, Alewino and Brasserie Warszawska in Warsaw as well as Zazie in Kraków.?

Gdansk was selected by “Travel + Leisure” magazine and portal to be one of the safest European cities which would be well worth a visit once the pandemic is over.  ?

Gdansk is a remarkable city located on the Baltic Sea with a tradition spanning over 1000 years in Poland. Gdansk has a very rich architectural heritage, visitors can find lots of fun castles, one of the most iconic harbor crane in Europe and one of the three largest brick churches in the world.

Walking along the Royal Route in Gdansk, from the Golden Gate at the western end to the magnificent Green Gate at the eastern, the colorful frescos on the burgher houses and townhouses will keep your eyes darting about.

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Many visitors to Warsaw’s Old Town may ask why is there a statue of a mermaid in here? The similar figure has appeared on Warsaw’s coat of arms since 1390. The first presentation of a mermaid dates to 1622 and there are several legends about it.

Legend has it that there was a sea mermaid who swam up the Wisła (Vistula) River and came to the banks of the Wisła River. She saw the Old Town and fell in love with the harmonious surroundings, she then decided to stay.

The fishermen were angry at the meddlesome creature who meddled with their nets and released their fish and planned to catch it, but once they saw the mermaid and heard her siren song they were moved so much and could not harbor any hate for her any longer. However, one day, the mermaid was captured and imprisoned by a rich merchant. Her crying was heard by a brave fisherman’s son who with his friends released her and punished the evil merchant severely. 

“I will never forget your deed” said the mermaid. “I can’t be coming to sing for you any longer, but whenever your people would meet overwhelming troubles, I will be ready with my shield and sword to protect you, just like you protected my freedom”. From that moment, she became the city’s guardian and protector in times of need. 

Nowadays the mermaid of Warsaw is a symbol of Warsaw, you can find numerous mermaid statues here, specifically the most famous version standing in the Old Town Square. This statue is regarded as the “official” depiction of the iconic guardian mermaid and is the one that sightseeing tours stop at.

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The Wilanów Palace is a royal palace located south of Warsaw. As one of Poland’s most important monuments, it survived Poland’s partitions and both World Wars, people can admire the culture and art of the Polish state before the 18th century.

The Wilanów palace is composed of the baroque palace, its decorations and works of art, gardens and sculptures located in the park and also numerous buildings and monuments raised in the location since 1677. This baroque palace was a gift of King Jan III Sobieski to his beloved wife, Marie Casimire Louise. In the palace, you will see the king’s apartments and the suites of Queen Maria Kazimiera, which include the Chinese, Dutch and Antiquities rooms and the Potocki Museum, as well as rich collections of paintings, antique vases, and works of Oriental crafts. 

The park spreading out around the palace appears different styles: there is a bi-level Baroque Italian garden and a romantic English-Chinese park fitted with park buildings, like the Chinese Gazebo and the Roman Bridge. In summer, various sculptures, fountains, charming alleys, a lake and a cascading stream make the surrounding park a perfect place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. In winter, Wilanów turns into a special Royal Garden of Light filled with thousands of colorful diodes mimicking the baroque shapes of plants.

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With a tradition spanning over 1000 years, Gdansk as Poland’s maritime capital and one of the largest ports on the Baltic sea is a unique metropolis that has always been characterized by a spirit of freedom and courage.

Central Gdansk is one of the most pleasantly walkable cities in central Europe. You couldn’t ask for a more strikingly beautiful and colorful main street than Duga and Dugi Targ, the thoroughfare of the Main Town (Gówne Miasto).

As you walk its length, from the Golden Gate at the western end to the magnificent Green Gate at the eastern end, the bas-reliefs and colorful frescos on the burgher houses and gabled town houses will keep your eyes darting about.

Walk around the old town in Gdansk, you can also find an iconic landmark the Neptune Fountain, the largest port crane in Europe and one of the three largest brick couches in the world.

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Poland to reopen borders with EU countries on June 13 !

International flights to resume on June 16 ! 

On the night between June 12th and June 13th Poland will restore freedom of movement within the internal EU borders, this means that travellers will be allowed to enter Poland and travel through the country without quarantine restrictions.