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Amber – Treasured gift from the sea

Amber is known as the ‘Gem of the Baltic’, and often referred to as ‘Polish Gold’. It’s the oldest, most precious export product from the Baltic Coast. Amber is a tree resin hardened and weathered for millions of years and washed ashore of the Baltic Sea.  It’s a mineral of many different names and colours. […]

Health and Wellness in Poland

From the Baltic Sea in the north of the country, to the magnificent mountain trails in the south, Polish health resorts offer unforgettable experience. Combination of nature-filled holidays, relaxation, medical and beauty treatments. Polish Health resorts have rich resources of mineral waters with medicinal properties. The oldest mention of using mineral waters for therapeutic purpose […]

Polish Town Halls

The historic and beautiful town halls city in Poland Polish town halls were traditionally built in the centre of a town or in the middle of a town square. Their main function was to be a seat of local government. The town halls were a symbol of freedom, wealth and city importance. Beautifully decorated with […]

Karpacz, a charming tourists town

Karpacz, a typical Polish mountain town is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Western Sudetes. It is known as the Pearl of Polish Giant Karkonosze Mountains, with a tradition dating back to the 17th century.   This remarkable town is the most popular mountain holiday resorts in Poland. In winter, perfect for skiing and […]

Oscypki – cheese from Poland

Oscypek is a Polish traditional, mountain smoked, sheep cheese. A well-known local delicacy in Podhale region of Poland, which is sold in different shapes, designs, shades and sizes on outdoor markets. The production of cheese started in 15th century and the first recorded recipe for Oscypek was in 1748. This famous cheese, from the Tatra […]

Krakow, the best city in Europe right now?

Krakow is probably Europe’s best kept secret. It offers an unique and lifetime experience. Travellers can taste delicious food, admire beautiful scenery and learn history of Krakow and the rest of Poland, which has experienced tough time, but was still able to fight. Beautiful during the day and at night, loved and visited by many […]

A local’s guide to Poznan

Poznan is an extraordinary city, filled with unique places and attractions. It is famous for its pretty Town Hall, which is home for two billy goats, which at noon butting each other on the tower. It’s medieval town centre is filled with charming restaurants and bars. In Poznan, you can try one of the most […]

Poland: the land of lager

Poland makes amazing beers and they have been for centuries. Now, with all food and wine scene flourishing beer has generated more interest.Poland has an expending craft beer scene with many delicious brew. You can try the most accessible  flavours and work your way to the more adventurous styles. If you want to experience how the […]

Medieval Town of Torun

Torun is one of the oldest and charming cities in Poland. City is located on the both banks of the Vistula River, at a site of intersection of ancient trade routes. Its medieval gothic town character, with a wide range of architectural masterpieces had a significant influence on the Eastern Europes urbanisation process in the […]