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Warsaw Prague – coolest neighbourhoods of Europe!

Great news! Warsaw Prague is among the 10 coolest neighbourhoods of Europe! The Independent, a British online newspaper loved its unique climate, old houses and new cafes. Warsaw Prague is home to the biggest market in the city – the artistic Soho Factory, Neon Museum, which has the world’s largest collection of Cold War-era neon […]

Christmas in Krakow

Cara Jasmine Bradley: Christmas in Krakow Christmas in Krakow: The words sent fireworks of imagery hurtling through my brain upon booking our winter break, but nothing could have prepared me for the visual opulence that the city presented me with upon arrival. In true replication of a festive fairytale from long ago, I instantaneously became […]

Interesting facts about Polish cities

Want to learn interesting facts about the largest cities in Poland? Some of those cities are well known, some of them you might never heard of. Do you know, which is the third largest city in Poland? Which Polish city would you call the most beautiful and unique city in the world? Would you know […]

All Saints’ & All Souls’ Day

The Catholic holidays of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are important dates for most Poles. Special value of this day lays not only in its religious background, but also in the family character of spending it. The evening between the two days is a traditional time to bring all family members together, attend […]

The Palace on the Island in Warsaw

The Palace on the Island is the most important building in the Royal Baths, known as the most charming park in Europe. The Palace is one of the finest building in classical style, a pearl of Polish architecture and one of the symbols of Warsaw. It is built on an artificial island, that divides the […]

The Palace of Culture & Science

This Warsaw’s most recognizable and famous building is located in the very centre of the city, on a square biggest in Europe. The skyscraper was constructed as a gift from the Russian people to Poland. The idea of constructing such a building was made by Josef Stalin, and the Palace of Culture and Science was […]

Polish Traditional Waffle Cake

Traditional Torcik Wedlowski. It is a unique wafer cake spread with delicious hazelnut cream and dipped in a thick dark chocolate. Each cake is decorated with a hand-made decoration and cakes are available with special messages for holidays and personal celebrations. Emil Wedel’s signature is used on each produce to distinguish it from others. As […]

Zamosc, one of World Heritage Sites in Poland

Zamosc known as ‘a pearl of the Renaissance’, dates back to the 16th century. It combines Italian and central Europe architectural traditions and its Renaissance character has been preserved until today. It’s cathedral, ranks among the most outstanding accomplishments of late Renaissance architecture. The Renaissance town layout has been maintained and the bastion fortifications surrounded […]