In Poland, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark has been awarded a UNESCO Geopark Label and become the first one that operates entirely within Poland!

Located in Poland’s oldest mountain range known as the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark covers the area of five communities and features unique geo-diversity and distinctive cultural heritage, including Paradise Cave full of stalagmites and stalactites, an active quarry of Upper Devonian limestone, the Royal Castle in Chęciny built on a rocky hill, numerous church and monastic complexes, several Centre for Geological Education as well as interesting museums, and so on. With rock formations dating back 400 million years, the geopark offers many natural and cultural heritage sites where people can learn about the ‘beauty hidden in a rock’.

As the first Geopark in Poland, which combines inanimate nature with living nature and cultural heritage, the geopark not only has scientific and educational values, it’s also an ideal place to visit for people who are looking for attractions in the open air. With outstanding landscapes and numerous historical sites as well as intangible cultural heritage, the Holy Cross Mountains Geopark is truly a geological treasure with so much to explore.

photo: Geopark Świętokrzyski/facebook

Poland boasts plenty of impressive churches, some of them are magnificent like St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk, and some of them feature very unique elements that may be hidden in an inconspicuous building.

Have you ever seen the pulpit in the shape of a whale?? Located in a picturesque spa town of Duszniki-Zdrój, there is a historic Saints Peter and Paul church that is well known for its unique pulpit, in the shape of a whale with a twisted tail and an open mouth. Its structure relates to the biblical story about Jonah who was saved by the huge fish. This Baroque church was built in the first half of the 18th century but its history dates back to the 14th century. In addition to the whale-stylized pulpit, the church also contains the original stone baptismal font from 1560, the Baroque main altar from around 1730, and many Baroque sculptures and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The church is one of the landmarks in the town and well worth a visit. Moreover, on the same street where the church is located, you can also find the Museum of Papermaking, which was housed in an impressive paper mill that dates from the beginning of the 17th century. Considered one of the highlights of Duszniki, the mill is the only professionally run museum in Poland that’s dedicated to the broad subject of papermaking. If you are a classical music lover, the town is a perfect destination for you as well, for It is home to the annual International Chopin Festival since 1946.

With charming architecture and beautiful natural surroundings as well as unique tourist attractions, the town of Duszniki-Zdrój can be a nice weekend getaway.?

photos: Jacek Halicki/wikipedia

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit Warsaw, which is full of beautiful parks and gardens where the trees are turning green and the flowers bloom. Did you know that there are more than 90 city parks and gardens across the city? Some of them are huge like the Royal Łazienki Park and Wilanów park, some are smaller but feature special attractions and scenic views like the Roof Garden of the Warsaw University Library, and some even include lakes where you can go kayaking like Skaryszewski Park. All of them are wonderful places to walk into the spring and get relax in nature. 

In addition to parks and gardens, there are also some cool places to enjoy and capture the beauty of spring in Warsaw. Located on the western side of the River Vistula, the Vistulan Boulevards is one of the best riverside boulevards in Europe as well as one of the busiest and most attractive places in Warsaw. Stretching for a kilometers-long along the west side of the Vistula River, these boulevards have been brilliantly landscaped and dotted with multiple restaurants, bars, and cafes, which stand in stark contrast to the east side of the river full of trees and small beaches. With the spectacular views of the city and river, Vistula boulevards are a perfect place to take a stroll, a bike ride, or meet up with friends at any time of year, especially in colorful spring.


? Poland received the Golden Travel Destination Award 2021, a prestigious award in the Netherlands, which is the result of high ratings for destinations in Poland from travel organizations and visitors. Poland is a traveler’s dream destination, which is full of history, culture, stunning views and world-class attractions. Whether in the vibrant Warsaw, the history-filled Krakow, or the beautiful seaside city of Gdansk, there is no shortage of things to see! From the famous Old Town in Warsaw and the magnificent Wawel Castle in Krakow to the Royal Route lined with ornate buildings in Gdansk, Poland has something for everyone. Visitors will marvel at its rich culture and an abundance of sites and attractions.

With the arrival of spring, the days are sunny though cool, which is perfect for taking a stroll outside to capture the beauty of spring. If Poland isn’t a destination you’ve considered visiting before, maybe it’s time you add it to your travel bucket list. ?

??Easter time is right around the corner and it won’t be long before many people will be joined with their families and taking part in those traditions and customs linked with this particular holiday season. In addition to making Easter eggs?, a traditional Polish Easter breakfast is very much worth looking forward to.? The table will be filled with the blessed food and many other delicious specialties including white sausage, rye soup, and cakes with poppy seed or cottage cheese. Moreover, the table will also be beautifully decorated with Easter eggs, spring flowers, an “Easter lamb”?  made of cake or sugar. 

Don’t hesitate to eat the second piece of Mazurek cake??, for Easter Sunday is the most important day during the Easter holidays and more energy will help you to embrace Easter Monday, known as Śmigus-Dyngus (Wet Monday). On this day, people pour water on each other, but girls need to be more cautious for they are easy targets than boys. If you don’t enjoy “Spring rain” outside, then staying at home on that day would be a smart choice for you.?