Four connected buildings, three squares, a park on the “beach”, lots of greenery, cars underground, garden and roof terraces, lively public squares, a cinema, theater, restaurants, pubs, and a ban on large-format advertising. These are the plans for the reconstruction of the Foreground of the Wilanów Palace.

One of the main assumptions of the project is to limit the placement of advertisements, the use of precious materials, glass facades and wood. The concept of developing this important part of Wilanów, originally dominated by a gigantic, closed, anti-city, concrete shopping mall, has changed significantly. This is largely due to several years of social work and the involvement of residents and local associations.

The project made a huge impression on the citizens of Wilanów. The pictures look really great. Visualization and the final result are often something different, but the direction in which the project went is pretty interesting. The very fact of maintaining a large space from residential buildings gives a nice effect and does not overwhelm like the original plan.

Does the foreground of the Wilanów Palace have a chance to become a place vibrant with life, green, open, friendly, not burdensome for local residents, a place everyone can be proud of? It all depends to a large extent on the provisions of the new Municipal Spatial Development Plan.

Picture source: Wilanów Przyjazny