Lodz is the third biggest city in Poland, with a long history as a textile industrial centre.

The city combined the world of modern and industrial world. The division for poor and rich, which existed side by side is still noticeable in the building architecture. Well preserved old workers housing estates contrast with the most glamour’s residences.

Manufaktura Lodz, was built in an old factory, which belonged to Izrael Poznanski, one of the richest businessman in Lodz. It is a shopping centre, which wins every visitors admiration and respect. It is shopping centre with history, recognised by its stunning architecture and the longest fountain in Europe. It is not only a shopping empire, but also an entertainment centre and a cultural centre. During the summer, you can find there beach. In the winter time, ice rink and local markets are there for you to enjoy.

Six beautiful old towns in Poland.

Have  you heard of: Kazimierz Dolny, Malbork, Sandomierz, Nysa, Tykocin and Sanok. Besides the popular, big cities of Poland, there are many adorable villages and small towns in Poland. These charming towns, can not be found in a guidebook and not every Pole know about them. Do not wait to get to know them. Go off the beaten track today and fall in love with romantic towns of Poland, which inspire your travel.

Gnomes, or ‘Krasnale’ are one of Wroclaw’s most popular attractions.

New gnomes arrive every year, gradually populating more and more streets in Wrocław. People from all over the world are coming to hunt for them. They play an important role in Wroclaw’s daily life and history.

Wroclaw’s Gnomes history dates back to the 1980, when the country was under communist regime. Members of Pomaranczowa Alternatywa (Orange Alternative) wanted a peaceful campaign, which help to bring a dark period of history in Poland to an end. They decided to paint dwarves on paint stains on the walls covering the anti-government graffiti. Dwarves present everywhere, soon became symbols of the Polish dissident.