甜品和运动?谁说他们不能在一起的?现在就报名参加第十五届Wedel跑步比赛乐享甜蜜和运动的快乐。“多年来,该活动吸引了众多主动休息爱好者和巧克力爱好者。无论年龄大小或比赛成绩如何,所有参与者都将获得奖品。成功滋味让口中的Wedel更甜美” – 赛事组织者鼓励到。




Sweets and sport? Who said they don’t belong together? Go to the XV Wedel Race and enjoy both. “For many years, the event has been attracting enthusiasts of active rest and fans of original Wedel chocolate. There are attractions prepared for participants, regardless of age or running experience. At the finish taste of success will further sweeten Wedel” – encourage the event organizers.

The race will take place on Saturday, February 8 in Skaryszewski Park. Its route will certainly appeal to traffic enthusiasts away from the hustle and bustle of the street. As part of the event, participants have a choice of cross-country trails of various distances selected by age groups. And so juniors up to seven years will run on a distance of 0.25 km. Slightly older children and young people up to the age of fifteen will have less than 2 km to cover. Adults will compete at 5.5 and 9 km, overcoming the loop marked in the park 3 or 5 times.

At the finish line, all participants will have a cup of hot Wedel chocolate, participation certificates, medals and sweet gifts. In addition, the winners of each route will receive commemorative cups and hand-decorated Wedel Cake specially created for the occasion.

Wedel run is a great way to spend an active winter day in the city for the whole family. In this unique race, apart from the sports results, the most important is good fun and time spent together.