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POZNAN is among the oldest cities in Poland and also served as the capital for a short time in the 13th century. Today, as the capital of Wielkopolska province, this vibrant and colorful city is still a major economic, commercial, cultural and tourism hub in west-central Poland, filled with unique places and attractions.

?Stroll into the most picturesque market squares in Poland, you will be fascinated by the colorful townhouses. The famous Renaissance Town Hall stands in the center of the square, where you can watch the traditional duel of the Town Hall goats at high noon!

?Along the Royal-Imperial Route, you can find the former Imperial Castle that used to be a residence of the German emperor. The architecture of its Neo-Romanesque style harks back to medieval castles, and the most impressive room in the edifice was the Throne Room in Byzantine style. Today it houses a cinema, art galleries, a puppet theater, music clubs, and others.

?Whether you are a history buff or just want to get a much deeper understanding of Poland, the cathedral located in Ostrów Tumski is one not to be missed. It’s the oldest church in Poland, dates back to the 10th century, where the first two sovereigns of the country were buried.

?If you have a sweet tooth, St. Martin’s Croissants, a local specialty in Poznan won’t let you down. You can learn the story of this baked goodie and even make a croissant yourself in the Poznan Croissant Museum.

? Top things to do in Poznan.