Let’s burn some winter calories and get a bit active with one of the easiest and most popular sports – cycling.

After winter we are all craving for some outdoor activities and biking is the first thing that comes to our mind. Poland maybe isn’t the most obvious destination for biking trips, but we can assure you that it is definitely worth a try. Thanks to the incredibly diverse areas (mountains, fields, forest and beaches) you can choose the right environment to your abilities. Even cycling in big cities is getting much easier and safer. But if you want to enjoy a whole day trip or even a weekend we recommend you 4 tours, which will definitely satisfy your expectations. However, it is important to remember that Poland has thousands of stunning routes to explore.

Not many know that in Poland we have a desert – Błędowska Desert! The tour has 26 km through this unusual environment. On the way tourist can also admire an old wooden church from 15thcentury and some giant, natural curved rocks. At the end of the trip, you get a great reward which is Czubatka – marvelous view point on the entire desert.

“Land of 100 lakes” sounds magical and it surely is. On a distance of 99 km you can sightsee not only lakes but also a lot of monuments. This trip is very convenient for these of you who will combine it with a visit in Poznań, because here it starts, next to Lake Malta. On the way among all the lakes, you will be able to see Górków Castle and the first printing house in Wielkopolska. Worth a stop is also Sierakowski Landscape park neighboring with the oldest stable of hot-blooded horses in Poland.

The third tour we recommend is for Pros, but the monuments and views on the way are definitely worth the effort. The trip contains 83 km of mountainous areas, some even up to 600m. This district is a land formerly inhabited by the Lemkos, where you can visit numerous ancient churches: the Greek Catholic church, orthodox church of Saint. Paraskeva, Orthodox church. Nativity of the Mother of God. The entire route begins in Gorlice and ends in the magical Dukla.

Beside these 3 nice tours, we have in Poland something we can be very proud of – Green Velo route, it is almost 2000 km long and runs through 5 voivodeships in the eastern part of the country. Thanks to the uniqueness and diversity from each district every tourist will find something for him. The route combines beautiful views, stunning landscapes and historic monuments along with Polish cultural heritage. We are able to visit 5 national parks, 15 landscape parks, 26 special protection areas for birds and 36 special areas of conservation. It’s an absolutely marvelous adventure and a great way to discover Poland. Using the website greenvelo.pl you can easily plan a route tailored to your needs and ability. They have also created an app, which makes everything super easy and comfortable even already during the trip.

Long distance cycling is a great activity for all, young and old, girls and boys. You can go alone, with your other half or with your whole family. Visit Poland to admire the stunning landscapes and get into form after winter. Spring is starting, so don’t hesitate and contact us to organize your spring break holiday in Poland.

We all need a bit luxury and relaxation in our lives.

Poland is not only all about farms and agritourism. There are elegant and exclusive hotels, where the SPA areas are pretty outstanding. Even big hotels can have an “one of a kind” atmosphere.

They are a great possibility to relax, without organizing long holidays abroad. You don’t have to travel far, because a lot of SPA centers are located near cities, or even sometimes in city centers offering you a wonderful day time treatments. Of course if you are looking for a little escape out of the city, there are cozy and hidden hotels as well. We are presenting few high luxury accommodation, where you can forget about all your worries and have some time only for yourself.

            Masuria Arte is a luxury, boutique establishment in the Land of Great Masurian Lakes. It is located close to Ełk and Augustów in nature park and five lakes with exclusive access to a private lake. The property includes a typical Masurian settlement. It is a perfect combination of luxury and home warmth. A great, holistic SPA, is amazing not only thanks to very qualified stuff, but also because of the stunning views.

            Heron Live Hotel Marina & SPA is situated in Lesser District, about 50km from a charming touristic village – Krynica Zdrój. The hotel has a stunning (!) outdoor pool and you can use all the water sports facilities. Despite the very luxurious character of the place, there is a babysitting service, so you can enjoy your treatments, while your kids are taken care of. If you like outdoor activities, there are bikes and canoe available.

            NoName Luxury Hotel & SPA is an oasis of total peace. Is a place where you automatically switch into good mood, a place very intimate and providing a complete relaxation. It is a heaven to which you want to escape, to be alone in a beautiful environment. The biggest advantage of the hotel is its intimacy – even if there are other guests, you can barely notice them.

            In Poland the SPA market is evolving really quick. The offers are getting really wide and now you can not only get a classical massage, but in some of the resorts, a real plastic chirurgical operation. Some centers focus on natural products, while other go for new cosmetic discoveries. People visit SPA not only for relaxation, but also for health reasons. There is no better place to clear your mind and focus on your mental health as in a beautiful, cozy and nice wellness area.

How do we welcome Spring in Poland?

First day of Spring is dated on 21stof March, but the astronomical one is the day before, when we experience equinox. As we look through the window, we can already feel the sun warming up the leaves on the trees. But regardless of the weather conditions, Poles have a lot of fun customs to celebrate the beginning of the season.

Drawning of Marzanna is a tradition which refers to a Slavic goddess who identified winter and death. According to the legend, killing her, would lead to a fast approach of Spring. People are creating such puppets by themselves, in schools or with friends, and then drown them in a nearest river.

Spring Cleaning is hated by many, but it’s and activity than comes every year around the first day of Spring. It doesn’t sound like it, but it comes from ancient beliefs – it is not only about a shining apartment, but it has a deeper meaning – with the removal of the whole mess, we can get rid of everything that remained after winter, so together with all the garbage we throw away the evil.

With no doubt, Truant Day, is the favorite custom of all the pupils. Schools celebrate this day by organizing school trips, movies or other activities instead of regular classes. Of course there are students which will choose another way to celebrate this day – away from school, but it’s all in the tradition.

As you can see, we celebrate in Poland almost EVERY occasion that there is, thanks to a lot of fun Slavic customs and legends. We recommend to Visit Poland and experience it yourself!


Stop for a while and enjoy the moment. The philosophy of “Mindfulness” becomes a thing and the best place to embrace it is definitely a quiet and beautiful accommodation which brings the word “hygge” into life. 

Poland is a country like no other. Big cities combine old and amazingly renovated buildings, which reminds us about the difficult history that this land has been through, but on the other hand Warsaw for example is becoming an important business center with evolving companies from all over the world as well as polish ones. However, Poland isn’t only large agglomerations with lots of tourists. The real natural beauty starts approximately 200 km from the capital, it’s hidden in the woods, fields and lakes.

Slow down, relax and enjoy the moment. We are taking you on an imaginary trip through the one of a kind Warmian-Mazurian Voivodeship. It’s a district which is perfect for every part of the year. In Summer you can swim in the lakes or borrow a boat, Autumn is perfect for walking in the forest and searching for delicious mushrooms, Winter welcomes you with fireplace, hot chocolate and a good book in small, but adorable agritourism, but now, in Spring, long walks and bike trips are just ideal.

Poland countryside is getting more and more creative, farms are becoming ecofriendly and people (finally!) begin to appreciate local products. With great honor we can recommend places, where time stops, or at least it passes really slowly.

Fajne Miejsce in Tłokowo. First of all, the name translates as “The Great Place” and that’s already super fun itself. This wonderful place is also animal friendly, so you don’t have to leave your lovely pets at home, let them enjoy with you! Bike tours in this area are definitely for Pros, because it can get bumpy, but during them you can reward yourself with delicious cheeses from local farmers, which you pass on the way. In the morning you can get a breakfast basket and enjoy your meal on the near bridge next to the lake.

Kwaśne Jabłko in Świątki it’s a place where everything is perfect, starting from the host, the people who work there, the atmosphere and ending with the food and home-made cider. It is located in a middle of nowhere, but that’s what makes it so relaxing. In the garden there are lots of apple trees, so it’s almost natural that the hosts decided to produce their own cider which you can taste during your stay. Almost all the food is made at the place, so you can be sure, that the products are fresh and eco. If you want to get to know more about everyday life of the locals, it’s a spot perfect for you.

Dom w Dolinie Łąk, Przerwanki. It’s a heaven on Earth. Beautiful, old house with 3 bedrooms, fire place, full equipped kitchen and a big garden. Place for everyone, who wants to escape from all the noise, crowds and stress of the city. It’s located near a big lake cold Gołdopiwo and it’s taken care of by a wonderful lady. By your arrival she will wait for you with her home-made bread (I got it still warm) and honey made by the neighbors. For these of you interested in WWII, I strongly recommend visiting Mamerki (20 km from Przerwanki), where you can walk in the forest and visit 30 bunkers of Headquarters of the Wehrmacht “Mauerwald”.

Poland is an amazing place for relaxation. Warmian-Mazurian is a district, where you can always find some time for yourself and forget about all the everyday troubles. Not only in Spring, but throughout the whole year.

Former Era City Tour

If you want discover Warsaw from a completely different side and go a bit back in time, this trip is made for you! Check  how Warsaw could look like in communistic era following our  Warsaw Communism Tour. Do not wait, just Visit Poland!

Cracow City Tour

Cracow has so much more to offer than just Main Market Square and Jewish District. Thanks to our Cracow Panorama City Tour,  you will be able to admire the full beauty of this marvellous city. Check all the exciting steps of our  Cracow Panorama City Tour. Do not wait, just Visit Poland!

Kazimierz became in the past few years a very trendy place to be. Thanks to that there are lots of places to eat, drink, party, but also nice spots for some shopping.

„O Jeju” (Miodowa 9) is a sensational shop with natural cosmetics mostly made by polish brands. If you are a fashion fan „Idea Fix” (Stradomska 16) is a boutique for you – only polish designers, good materials, modern design. Every tourist knows that the most important part of traveling is sending postcards to make your friends jealous, so Galeria Lue Lue (Miodowa 22) will provide you the magic of Kazimierz captured in a picture. For an evening drink with the locals go to Hevre (Meiselsa 18), a pub made in an old Jewish house of prayer, the paintings on the walls are almost telling the story of the Jewish community. Alchemia (Estery 5) on other hand is a bar almost magical, illuminated only by candles, decorated with old furniture and serving delicious cocktails.

That’s where the locals meet for a chat at the end of the day. While planning on staying longer that one day, go check out the Puro Hotel Kazimierz (Halicka 14a), the design of this hotel knocks on your knees and it’s located few steps from the heart of this district. Kazimierz is the only place on earth with such an atmosphere. It’s where history meets modernity, old meets young, Jewish meets polish, one of a kind. The only impossible thing to do there? NOT fall in love with Kazimierz.

Cara Jasmine Bradley: Christmas in Krakow

Christmas in Krakow: The words sent fireworks of imagery hurtling through my brain upon booking our winter break, but nothing could have prepared me for the visual opulence that the city presented me with upon arrival. In true replication of a festive fairytale from long ago, I instantaneously became bound to the city, wrapped in a blanket of shimmering fervour. Portraying a classically effortless beauty, Krakow granted me with the gift of pleasantry surprise upon every twist and turn of the city’s timeless cobbled streets.

Within an hour of our arrival, the first flecks of snow had started to dance through the air, waltzing around the Main Square, dusting its grand steeples and turrets with an icing-sugar glaze.

The Main Square was first on our agenda. Nestled under a canopy of twinkling fairy-lights and panoramically shrouded by quirky, pastel coloured buildings and spectacular landmarks, Main Square felt like a magically secret location away from the rest of the world and the mundane. Majestic carriage-pulling horses moved in perfect unity with one another; the rhythmic strikes of their hooves on the cobbles echoing throughout the Old Town.

Every inch of Krakow was tastefully decorated for the Christmas period. Embellished trees dotted the city, glistening in royal blue and decedent silver.

The Christmas markets in Main Square and the Cloth Hall were bustling with merriment, but not uncomfortably crowded. Truth be told, I would have endured crowds and the bitter temperature for the sake of some cranberry-topped freshly grilled Oscypek cheese! (Honestly, if you’re ever in Poland, you absolutely need to try this delicacy!) From the carefully crafted chocolate tools, to the finely painted Nutcracker statures, there is no doubt that Krakow’s Christmas Markets provide a shopping experience with a difference.

Wawel Castle and what lies within its vicinity utterly define the term ‘breathtaking.’

Though the castle walls look imposing enough, you simply have to walk right up into the grounds to unwrap what I would confidentially declare as Krakow’s best kept secret.

The Wawel Cathedral is one of the most incredible buildings I have ever seen. I could have quite easily spent all morning falling deeper under its enchantment, trying to comprehend the intricacy of each turret, spiral and dome.

The Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz, compromises striking, poignant history with a cool, modern vibe. Think wonderful synagogues, splashes of contemporary street art, and a vibrant cafe scene. Speaking of street art… Don’t let Krakow’s olde-worlde charm fool you! Plastered across the city are the funkiest examples of graffiti art. If this kind of thing tickles your fancy amidst exploring Krakow’s more traditional side, I would recommend a trip across the river into Podgorze. Here, you can seek out the ‘Colourful Stairs,’ which pop and burst into view in Kaleidoscope fashion.

The day after the snow fall, Krakow transformed into a veritable winter wonderland of daydream quality. The residue and colours left by the snow illuminated the city and its spotless majesty even more. The sky roared with a startlingly perfect shade of refreshing blue; the most sumptuous backdrop for the likes of Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Basilica, and the Saint Peter and Paul Church. The sight of the sun setting across the tree-lined pathways lining the perimeter of the Castle and the Old Town will forever remain with me. Casting a leaking watercolour rich orange spotlight across the snow capped trees, the show put on by the receding sun left my spine tingling.

Krakow is an enduringly elegant city steeped in rugged tradition, and boasts all that makes Europe and its somewhat sentimental jumble of delightful cobbled cities the most remarkable place on any traveller’s bucket list.

 Cara Jasmine Bradley ©

Traditional Torcik Wedlowski.

It is a unique wafer cake spread with delicious hazelnut cream and dipped in a thick dark chocolate. Each cake is decorated with a hand-made decoration and cakes are available with special messages for holidays and personal celebrations. Emil Wedel’s signature is used on each produce to distinguish it from others.

As the oldest chocolate brand in the country, Wedel has won people’s hearts and business for generations, since it was first founded in 1851. Its founder, Karol Wedel was a pioneer in the field. The famous chocolate factory is located in Prague district, in Warsaw. E.Wedel is most famous for its Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate-covered marshmallows), Mieszanka Wedlowska (assorted chocolate-covered candy), Torcik Wedlowski and Pawelek (chocolate bar with flavoured filling).

Amber is known as the ‘Gem of the Baltic’, and often referred to as ‘Polish Gold’.

It’s the oldest, most precious export product from the Baltic Coast. Amber is a tree resin hardened and weathered for millions of years and washed ashore of the Baltic Sea. 

It’s a mineral of many different names and colours. The colour of amber might vary and depends on the amber nuggets age. It ranges from nearly white, through all shades of yellow and orange, to dark, almost cherry-like red. It’s known under different names such as ‘jantar’, good stone, gold of the north, Baltic gold and electron. 

In the past, amber was associate with a magical power and healing properties, and nowadays is used in the cosmetic industry and folk medicine. 

If you are looking for Polish amber, Gdansk is the city to visit. The seaside city Gdansk is home to the Amber Museum, where you can admire both old and contemporary works of designers. Stadion Energa Gdansk, considered to be most stunning football arena, resembles a piece of amber.