Poland has been blessed with immense natural resources, one of its biggest attractions is the spectacular views of Tatra mountains which is the highest mountains in this part of Europe.

The Tatra Mountains stretches from Slovakia into Romania via Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, of which about 180 square kilometers lie within Poland are called the Tatra National Park that is the highest Polish mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains.

? Tatra National Park is located in southern Poland, in the Małopolska region, right on the border with Slovakia. As a biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO in 1992, Tatra National Park boasts thousands of plant species and is a natural habitat of endemic animal species, such as the Tatra chamois, marmot, bear, lynx, wildcat and wolf. In addition to the rich and varied flora and fauna, the peculiar geological landscape construction also makes it an ideal destination for photographers.

?  Visitors could first head to the city of Zakopane, which is the closest and popular settlement under the Tatra Mountains. As a gateway to the national park, Zakopane is also an attractive city for visiting and staying, it would be a wonderful experience for you to live in lovely chalets, to taste traditional Highland cuisines and shopping for traditional leather Highland shoes and socks.

All the best places to visit in Tatra Mountains!

?  Enjoy spectacular views at the peak of Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m asl) is a must-visit attraction in the Tatra Mountains because there is a cable railway from Kuźnice to the very peak of the mountain. the whole trip runs through the area of the Tatra National Park and it only takes about 15 minutes. Once you arrive at the peak, you could directly climb to the meteorological observatory which is the highest-located building in Poland. At a height of almost 2,000 m above sea level, you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the High Tatras over the Slovakian side and overlook the peaks of the Polish High Tatra mountains and the whole of Podhale region.

?  Discover the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains

Morskie Oko lake, which means “Eye of the Sea” in English, is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains. Gaze into Lake Morskie Oko and admire the reflection of the highest polish peak (Rysy, reaching 2,503 m) on the surface. This blue-green alpine lake is truly a wonder of nature, which is formed during the sculpting processes of the last ice age, in which you can easily find trout through the clear water.

?  Hiking to Five Lakes Valley

As its name suggests, there is 5 lakes located in the Valley, including one of the deepest Tatra lake – Wielki Staw Polski (The Great Polish Lake). Five Lakes Valley has lots of hiking trails with the most beautiful scenery, which is perfect for families with children to visit in the summer time. On your way to Five Lakes Valley, you can find the largest waterfall in Poland – The Siklawa, which is about 65 meters high. If you get tired, Five Lakes Valley mountain hut would be a perfect place for you to take a rest and meet lots of interesting people. They also provide delicious food to help keep your energy up and relieve fatigue. Don’t forget to stop by here.

? Stroll around the Krupowki Street

Krupowki Street is the most popular street In Zakopane, where there is a peculiar market of the city and its central point. Walking along the street you can find many traditional highlander items to buy, such as clothes and souvenirs, but also some traditional snacks to eat. In addition, there is many cultural activities you can join in, like the most famous International Festival of Highland Folklore which is held in the second half of August. During the festival, highlanders from all over the world get together here, the whole town is filled with lively music and dancing.

Gdansk was selected by “Travel + Leisure” magazine and portal to be one of the safest European cities which would be well worth a visit once the pandemic is over.  ?

Gdansk is a remarkable city located on the Baltic Sea with a tradition spanning over 1000 years in Poland. Gdansk has a very rich architectural heritage, visitors can find lots of fun castles, one of the most iconic harbor crane in Europe and one of the three largest brick churches in the world.

Walking along the Royal Route in Gdansk, from the Golden Gate at the western end to the magnificent Green Gate at the eastern, the colorful frescos on the burgher houses and townhouses will keep your eyes darting about.

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? 3 days trip to TriCity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot)

? 7 days trip from Warsaw to Gdansk

Poland to reopen borders with EU countries on June 13 !

International flights to resume on June 16 ! 

On the night between June 12th and June 13th Poland will restore freedom of movement within the internal EU borders, this means that travellers will be allowed to enter Poland and travel through the country without quarantine restrictions. 

Have you been to the royal Łazienki park since it was reopened to visitors?

The vast park was located in the centre of Warsaw, filled with greenery and magnificent classicist architecture. Here, you can not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city but also visit such gems of the European architecture as the old orangery, the royal theatre, an amphitheatre, the Museum of Hunting and Horse-riding, the Myślewicki Palace and numerous free-standing sculptures.

Find more charming attractions to see in Warsaw https://www.visitpoland.com/dmc-warsaw

The Hel Peninsula it is 35 km long sandy spit situated at the western part of Gdansk Bay at southern Baltic. Here, you can enjoy a magnificent sandbar that extends out into the open Baltic Sea.

Heaven for water sports lovers ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️

Because of its vast shallows, the Hel Peninsula is regarded as one of Europe’s best kitesurfing spots recommended by the water sports lovers from all over the world. In spring and summer, the Puck Bay is full of people who love water. Winds and kitesurfing, diving and jet-skiing are practiced here. A little further, from the side of the Gulf of Gdansk and higher towards the Baltic Sea, there is no shortage of sailors and surfers either. Hel Peninsula offers not only opportunities, but also tools for learning water sports. There are numerous surfing schools here, where you can learn, for example, kitesurfing and rent equipment.

Attractions of the Hel Peninsula 

The most popular and largest city in this region is Hel. It is worth visiting the headland itself, that is the end of the Peninsula, from which there is a view of the boundless Baltic Sea. Hel for children is primarily a seal centre, where you can see the floating and playing seals. It’s also worth taking a look at feeding time – fun of observing seals eating lunch guaranteed!

There is no doubt that Hel is the most attractive tourist resorts on the Baltic coast. Everyone can find something that they will enjoy: a beautiful beach, various water sports, yacht harbor, lighthouse, seal centre and many other interesting places that attract tourists for decades.

Who doesn’t love flowers and especially the most magnificent of them all – Orchids! On February 27th the University of Warsaw Library will transform into a magical garden full of orchids. During the whole weekend you will be able to not only admire, but also buy, rare and interesting kinds of this flowers from all around the world.

It is going to be an international affair with breeders not only from Poland, but also Germany and even Ecuador! You will be also able to take part in various lectures and workshops on growing this marvelous plants. Piotr Dobrzyński from the University of Warsaw Botanical Garden will provide participants with knowledge about home-grown orchids.

It is a really great idea to mix up a bit your stay in Warsaw – we totally recommend it! The University of Warsaw Library is something totally special – one a of the biggest libraries in Poland with its own garden on the roof! It is spectacular to watch even during winter 🙂

Sweets and sport? Who said they don’t belong together? Go to the XV Wedel Race and enjoy both. “For many years, the event has been attracting enthusiasts of active rest and fans of original Wedel chocolate. There are attractions prepared for participants, regardless of age or running experience. At the finish taste of success will further sweeten Wedel” – encourage the event organizers.

The race will take place on Saturday, February 8 in Skaryszewski Park. Its route will certainly appeal to traffic enthusiasts away from the hustle and bustle of the street. As part of the event, participants have a choice of cross-country trails of various distances selected by age groups. And so juniors up to seven years will run on a distance of 0.25 km. Slightly older children and young people up to the age of fifteen will have less than 2 km to cover. Adults will compete at 5.5 and 9 km, overcoming the loop marked in the park 3 or 5 times.

At the finish line, all participants will have a cup of hot Wedel chocolate, participation certificates, medals and sweet gifts. In addition, the winners of each route will receive commemorative cups and hand-decorated Wedel Cake specially created for the occasion.

Wedel run is a great way to spend an active winter day in the city for the whole family. In this unique race, apart from the sports results, the most important is good fun and time spent together.

Cooked, fried, baked, stuffed with meat, vegetables, fruit, sweet and spicy, gluten-free – these are just a few of the many types of dumplings you’ll have the opportunity to try soon at the Palace of Culture and Science. It is an amazing opportunity to discover all kinds of dumplings during this tasty feast.

Dumplings are mainly known in Poland, BUT! you can try different kinds all around the world. You will have the opportunity to see how it is prepared in individual regions on December 1.

You will be able to try:

  • Polish home-made dumplings with seasonal stuffing,
  • Indian Samos
  • Chinese baobao
  • Tibetan momo
  • Italian calzones
  • Georgian Khinkali.

And these are just a few of the many options available. Everyone will find something perfect – whether you prefer meat or vegan! Choose savory ones for main course and try one of the sweet ones as a desert. Are you allergic to wheat flour? No problem, the organizers ensure that gluten-free options will be available as well!

Everyone will be able to taste dumplings prepared in his favorite way – boiled, fried or baked.

The dumplings feast will take place on Sunday, December 1. Specialties from around the world will be available from 12.00 to 19.00. Event fee is 5 PLN. Entry to the World Dumplings Festival is free for children up to 12 years old.

The next season of the Royal Garden of Light is about to begin. The Museum of King Jan II Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów invites everyone for the opening weekend, during which special attractions will be waiting for all visitors. Wilanów Park decorated with light decorations will be on display from October 19.

Unusual installations will soon light up the park next to the Wilanów Palace. You will be able to admire The Royal Garden of Light loved by Warsaw residents from October 19. It was visited by almost 300 thousand people last year.

The light exhibition on this day will be open longer – from 17 to 23. For this evening, the Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace has planned additional attractions for visitors, the details of which are to be revealed soon.

In the following days – from October 20 to October 31 – you will be able to visit the garden between 17-21. From November 2 to February 23, it will be open from 16-21.

In addition to the permanent exhibition on weekends, you can also watch mapping shows. They will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 17.30, 18.30 and 19.30.

Admission to the garden on Saturdays and Sundays costs PLN 20 (reduced ticket: PLN 10). But if you come during week days you pay less for the entrance – 10 PLN (for reduced price: 5 PLN). Children up to 7 years old can visit the Royal Garden of Lights for free.

Tickets can be bought on the website of the Palace in Wilanów or on site, at the museum ticket office (from 17-20). Sales starts TODAY!

Picture source: https://rodzinnykompas.pl/miejsca/krolewski-ogrod-swiatla/

Who doesn’t love a good meal in an elegant, but cozy atmosphere? During two October weeks (16-31.10) you can enjoy best polish restaurants in very fair (festival) prices!

How does the festival work?

Top Chefs prepare their signature 3 course meals during this delicious festival. Thanks to this event you are able to discover hundreds of polish highest quality restaurants. Experience unforgettable moments surrounded by your family and friends.

How to take part in the festival?

It’s super easy and quick! You can book a table online. Choose your city, amount of guests, date and hour. Each city has a big choice of various restaurants, for example this year in Warsaw you can choose from 79 places. Dinner with family, romantic date or a friends night out? You can have it all!

The prices are really reasonable – only 49 zł per person! They claim that already 575 000 guests took part in the event. This year’s motto is “Respect food” which focuses on the big issue of food waste. The mission of the Restaurant Week is to promote polish independent cuisine and restaurants. It is an amazing opportunity to discover top places in great prices!

Don’t hesitate and Visit Poland for a delicious adventure!