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Located right in the centre of Poland, 艁贸d藕 used to be a multicultural city in which Polish, Jewish, German and Russian nations lived and worked together here.

In an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance, they left their mark on the early development of 艁贸d藕 and become part of this beautiful city they were building together. For years 艁贸d藕 had been a melting pot of four cultures and nationalities, where synagogues, tserkvas, as well as Catholic and Protestant shrines got along well with each other in peace. It鈥榮 a good opportunity for travellers to get a greater understanding of 艁贸d藕 roots through concerts, performances, literature and various activities.

The motto of this year’s festival is A Future Without Return, which was also a sort of a metaphor for the current pandemic reality.The programme includes a concert by the German artist Niklas Paschburg of his debut album 鈥極ceanic鈥, a walking tour following the path of long-gone places in 艁贸d藕, Gaga/people dance workshops with Israeli choreographer Adi Weinberg, a music show of URBAN WEEDS, circus workshops for children and a jazz concert performed by the students of the Jazz Institute at the Academy of Music in 艁贸d藕,

Today, with plenty of events, 艁贸d藕 is aptly described as the country’s top cultural hotspot in Poland, from festivals to concerts, from theatre shows to dance performances, from exhibitions to movie premiere.

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